It is already cheaper to load gasoline for a combustion car

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In Norway, just last June They registered 11,722 new electric carswhich meant a participation of the 78.7% of total sales during that month.

A) Yes, almost 80% of sales in that country in terms of vehicles were electric. However, these impressive adoption numbers could change for a high magnification in the cost of refills.

The cost of public chargers for electric cars in Oslo, the capital of Norway, increased considerably when the entity’s budget was approved, reported the newspaper Warn Oslo.

Thus, most prices almost they tripled and the lowest price was 35 crowns per hour (almost 70 pesos), according to the medium.

Since 2019, Oslo started charging residents to charge their electric vehicles; then the prices were set between 5 and 15 crowns per hour (10 and 30 pesos), depending on the number of kilowatts that the charger could deliver and the time of day.

However, according to the Dagsavisen newspaperfor the regular charge late in the afternoon and at night, prices multiplied by seven in less than four years.

With those increases, the Electric Vehicle Association (Norsk elbilforening) assured that could no longer recommend to the people who live in Oslo who choose to buy an electric car because the recharges are already done unsustainable.

Now, according to the Association, after the enormous pressureCity Hall will adopt new prices for public charging on the streets of Oslo, but the prices have not yet been introduced.

Even so, the new prices continue to assume An increment compared to the original price, but it is noticeably lower to the one decided by the City Council in early December.

With the increases that the Oslo City Council approved at the time, it is a lot more than twice as expensive recharge an electric car refuel for one of fuel, according to the Association.

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