“It hit him like a bomb”

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The reactions of Piqué’s son after his father greeted him

A few hours ago a video was released that, despite not having sound, speaks. There, it was possible to see the surprising gesture that one of the sons of Gerard Piqué had and Shakira to his father. Despite the fact that the Catalan appears happy and sure of his romance with Clara Chía before the cameras, not everything seems to be rosy, much less within his family.

Gerard Piqué  escapeó  from the press after the gesture that his son Milan had towards & # xe9; him.  Photo: Europa Press

Gerard Piqué escaped from the press after the gesture that his son Milan had towards him. Photo: Europa Press

This Monday Piqué went to the vicinity of Shakira’s house in search of her two little ones, 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha. After a long wait, the eldest arrived first, who took advantage of a few minutes alone to talk with his father while his brother was still on the property with the singer.

After a waiting time, Piqué received his son Sasha, who got into the truck with a low spirits. It was then when the ex-soccer player greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and he immediately “deleted” it with his arm. Without waiting any longer, the Catalan undertook his journey, very serious and at full speed after the supposed gesture of rejection by his own son.

Sasha’s unexpected reaction generated the astonishment of the press stationed next to Piqué’s truck. From social networks, Shakira’s fans assured that this reflects how their children went through their mother’s suffering. “Anyone would do what his son did”; “Piqué got angry, he started from one”; “It hit him like a bomb, which was not expected”; “For me, he was crying and wiping away his tears” and “That’s because of the damage you did to Shakira and your children”, are some of the reactions of Internet users to the little boy’s gesture towards the former soccer player.

Gerard Piqué’s bad luck when visiting his old house

This is not the first time that Gerard Piqué He suffers an uncomfortable event at the doors of his old house. A week ago, the former soccer player took his children to celebrate Milan’s birthday. Unfortunately for him, a series of fans waited for him on the sidewalk and began to sing the hit that Bizarrap and Shakira composed in “Sessions # 53 ″.

Once the Catalan said goodbye to his children, he went to the house of his parents, Montserrat Bernabéu and Joan Piqué, which is next to what used to be his home with Shakira. At that moment, the fans began to sing a part of the song that the Colombian she published with the Argentine: “You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor / With the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury”. Later, the former player revealed to the program Afternoon plan from La 1 who only entered the garage where he lived with the Colombian, but at no time did he maintain contact with her.

The most striking situation of the afternoon was when the singer leaned out of one of the windows of her house and greeted all the fans who were crowded at the entrance. She wore a particular style, a cap on her head and a diver with the printed drawing of his face, the same one that appears in “Session #53″. “Women no longer cry, women bill”.

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