Is Jorginho Flashback worth it? + SBC solution

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It did not appear alongside the three new Future Stars Swaps tokens (two are from Milestones Y another is part of an SBC), but Jorginho Flashback has made it to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. He changes teams, now he belongs to Arsenal and your Squad Building Challenge will be available until February 7th. Let’s see what its features are.

Positions: CM and CDM. His SBC currently costs about 142,050 coins on the general market and 149,400 on PC. He has three stars for skills and four for bad leg, medium/high work rate, Body Type “Delgado”, he is 1’80 and right-handed.

FIFA 23 – Jorginho Flashback Analysis

We hope you will be a very useful player as midfielder who fulfills behind and facilitates the starts of play. Although not as a striker due to the weak shooting statistics. If you are looking for a MC who is very dangerous in the last meters, he probably will not be the ideal choice. Just like if you want a pure MCD that stands out above all for its forcefulness.

Jorginho Flashback has a medium/high work rate and privileged numbers for both interception and steal (93 in both cases). In addition to a fast acceleration (87) that will make it even more useful. Nevertheless, It should not show the solidity of other midfielders because of their physical conditions.

He will probably be accurate recovering the ball, but he will not have the ability of other FIFA 23 footballers to throw the opponent off balance through shoving. Because although his 1’80 height is very good, the strength is somewhat low (76) and will be even more visible due to the “Slim” Body Type.

Other than that, for 77 in intelligence, he won’t always be in the right place. Due to these two aspects, we hope that it will meet behind but without offering the solidity of the typical pure Ultimate Team MCD’s.

While in attack, there will be times when it doesn’t go up on its own due to the average work rate. In addition to the fact that his stats in positioning (78) and finishing (73) are a bit low, and your driving will be good but not spectacular.

Probably the 88 overall dribble will be a bit misleading. The “Delgado” Body Type helps dribbling, but Jorginho Flashback Slightly weak in Agility (81) and Balance (80). What together with his 1’80 height will mean that he is not rude, but neither is he a footballer with electric movements. We don’t expect him to move the ball like midfielders in the style of Pedri Honorable Mentions.

However, in the organization he can help a lot because his driving shouldn’t be amazing but decent. Because his perfect stamina will allow him to play a leading role during matches without getting too tired, and above all because his brutal pass numbers.

In this time of FIFA 23, it is a great luxury to combine 94 vision. 98 short pass and 95 long pass. They are tremendous statistics and one that we appreciate more than in previous editions of Ultimate Team. Especially in next-gen, this year it is even more interesting to have very top attendees. That’s why midfielders like Xabi Alonso Icon of TOTY They can be very useful despite not being exquisite when dribbling.

And finally, comment that his 80 sprint can be improved but correct at this time of Ultimate Team. Since the acceleration is higher (87) and it will take advantage of it when starting, the other stat should not be a big problem unless your matches are very hectic.

So Jorginho Flashback won’t be able to offer the security of the top MCD’s due to his lack of intelligence and strength, but he should comply on most occasions due to his interception and robbery numbers. While with the ball we can’t expect too much in the last meters, but it can be very useful in the organization. That is, it will be someone very decent at the back and skilled as a playmaker, but not as an arrival. So depending on the type of MC you’re looking for, we more or less recommend it.

Examples competitive or usable cards Arsenal FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
We could take advantage of his link with Saka.

So is it worth it?

Being from the Premier League, we are quite happy with its cost. We assume that it would be much more expensive if it had appeared as a transferable. Although we recommend it or not depending on the midfielder profile you are looking for.

If you want a pure CDM and you don’t care what his ball performance is, before we would sign Zakaria Path to Glory. Or even Guimaraes Path to Glory in case you’re looking for someone a bit more decent on the ball, but you don’t need him to be as technical as Jorginho Flashback.

What if we recommend completing the SBC if you’re willing to lose some solidity at the back, in exchange for using a finer midfielder on the ball. An unremarkable player as an arrival, but who will probably be very interesting as an organizer. Because his driving will be quite correct and he will enjoy a quite remarkable pass in this time of FIFA 23.

Therefore, if you are willing to put up with the fact that he is not physically very powerful and that he is sometimes not in the right place due to his 77 intelligence, We recommend Jorginho Flashback as a footballer who should almost always meet behind and who will also facilitate the creation of plays. Compared to the typical pure MCD’s, you will lose some forcefulness in exchange for gaining quality. And its price seems very positive to us, we assume that as a transferable it would be much more expensive.

Examples competitive cards Italy FIFA 23 Ultimate Team
Italy has useful charts and many are not very expensive (design made possible by

Recommended Chemistry Style

  • Shade: Although it would be interesting to improve his strength, the sprint could be too low. So we advise this chemistry to get his acceleration to 95 and sprint to 88. He will also hit 99 interception, 81 intelligence, 99 steal and 97 tackle.

SBC Solution

Challenge 1: Tactical emulation

Reward: About player mix.

  • Min. 1 Chelsea player
  • Min. 1 player: Team of the Week (TOTW)
  • Min star value team: 84
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Jorginho Flashback
44,100 coins in the general market and 45,550 on PC

Challenge 2: Premier League

Reward: Jumbo Premium Gold Envelope.

  • Min. 1 Premier League player
  • Min star value team: 85
FIFA 23 Ultimate Team SBC Jorginho Flashback
97,950 coins in the general market and 103,850 on PC

We remind you that the Jorginho Flashback SBC will expire on February 7th. we left here the news of the seventh update of FIFA 23. Too the link to our Telegram broadcast channel, in case you want to know when we post Ultimate Team-related content. All the best!

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