Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto reappear together after rumors of separation

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Gabriel Soto Irina Baeva Wedding
Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva postponed their wedding twice. Photo: Darkroom

whatGabriel Soto and Irina Baeva yes they are going through a seperation? Amid speculation that their wedding will no longer be done the couple reappeared and revealed which of the two is more jealous.

In this 2022, Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva they postponed twice their wedding And as if that were not enough, suspicions about their possible breakup increased because the actors they stopped posting photos together on social networks.

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva reappear together

It was on a TV show where Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva they reappeared together and even joked about the time they were apparently apart.

The couple were invited to the program “At night, but without sleep”, from Adrian Uribe. It is not known when the broadcast was recorded, however, it would calm the rumors of the end of their relationship.

In a question and answer session, they were asked which of the two is more jealous and Uribe also hinted at what is being said about their separation with the comment: “long time no see!”

Who is the more jealous of the two?

When the time came for them to confess who in their relationship shows more jealousy, both pointed to themselves.

After this, Adrián also asked them who is more tantrum? and the two agreed that Irina.

The driver continued asking who of the two earns more? and Irina replied that Gabriel. Regarding who acts better?, both answered that the other, as a sign of respect for their work.

“This is a couple that loves and cares for each other”

Added Adrian Uribe

The wedding of Irina and Gabriel was scheduled for the spring of this year and was postponed because, according to them, the family of the Russian star could not travel to Mexico due to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

For the second time this year, the wedding had to be postponed despite the fact that, as Soto had revealed, his fiancée would already have the two wedding dresses What did you choose for the celebration?

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