iOS 16 Wallet wants to free us from the wallet forever with these functions that have gone unnoticed

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The new version of the operating system that gives life to our iPhone, iOS 16, brings us some interesting news in the Wallet app, or Wallet. News focused on what we can leave the physical wallet at home and move with our iPhone with the same ease. Let’s review all the news of this interesting app.

Functions to centralize various processes in a single app

There are several new features that iOS 16 brings to the Wallet app. One of the most interesting is the possibility of view and manage the transport cards of the Wallet app in Maps. Thus, we can see the balance and recharge our card while we plan a specific route. This goes beyond the possibility of paying with our credit card for a trip, since, with the transport networks that have enabled compatibility, it allows us to manage our subscription in the simplest way.

Another interesting novelty is the possibility of share our keys with anyone. Already in iOS 15 we can store our house keys, for example, in the Wallet app. Now, with iOS 16, we can share these keys securely through Messages, Mail, or third-party messaging apps. It is from the same Wallet app that we can manage the permissions of the people with whom we have shared the keys.

Other improvements, more aimed at managing our money than leaving the physical wallet behind, are the possibility of using Apple Pay Later to pay for purchases in installments or better management of Apple Cash, for now not available in Spain. Finally, also very interesting, now we can track the shipment of the packages we buy with Apple Pay directly in the Wallet app. An interesting convenience to know when we have to be home to receive our purchase.

It is true that outside the United States we are still waiting for the arrival of certain features such as Apple Cash, the Apple Card and some more, especially the ability to add our ID or driver’s license to the app. The truth is, however, that the Wallet app has all the potential to free us from the mask forever. It shows it better than ever in iOS 16 and it will get better and better.