iOS 16.3.1 is coming and brings positive changes

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We thought the next iOS update was going to be the 16.4, since rumors have already appeared around it even if it still has its first beta version. But now that seems to be denied: they have appeared signs of an iOS 16.3.1 that we could see released very soon.

The version number itself, 16.3.1, already indicates that it is a minor update with no news that stands out. Apple reserves these updates to correct urgent errors resulting from an update, which in this case would be iOS 16.3.

Before the news you have to bring corrections

With iOS 16.3 having brought important new features that improve security and data encryption, it is not uncommon to see how Apple has rushed to polish some bug that has appeared as a result of those changes. Through the networks there are witnesses of some failures, especially with the synchronization of data in iCloud:

We could see the arrival of this iOS 16.3.1 even in a few minutes, so we will be attentive:

Remember that we always recommend keeping Apple devices updated to the latest version to be protected against any security holes. Most likely, if you haven’t touched the settings, the update will be done automatically while you sleep and charge the iPhone.

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