Internal war in the Referees Commission – FELIPE RAMOS RIZO

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As long as there is group division, power struggle and disloyalty in the Referees Commissionthe arbitration situation will not change.

There is a group that wants Armando not to continue to continue doing his thing, so Benito must make radical changes.

You have to surround yourself with prepared and hierarchical people (not compadres) who help you improve, because starting out as president is pretty bad; if you don’t pluck up the courage and cut commissioners and referees, you’re on the perfect path to fail like you did Arturo Brizio.


It is good news that the girls continue to be successful at the international level, Katia García, Mayte Chávez, the most successful assistant referee in Mexico and who, due to a tantrum by the commissioner, Quetzalli Alvarado, has blocked her from being in the MX League.

That’s how these people spend it to harm the career of the whistlers, and the other assistant, Enedina Caudillo, will be in the FIFA U-17 World Cup, much success for the three.


What a pity that the VAR has not been the tool that we hoped that when it worked correctly it would bring improvement to arbitration.

Unfortunately, it is quite the opposite because it has made the referees worse and so expensive that the little toy came out, hopefully the person in charge of training, Miguel Ángel Chacón, with a brilliant and successful career in refereeing, will explain to us why his instruction on This system has not worked and every day the application worsens.


I could only watch Santander for 12 minutes, it’s very difficult to stand it for 90 minutes because it’s like watching a horror movie, when he didn’t dare to expel Dinenno I changed the channel, I really couldn’t take it anymore.

Also Quintero in San Luis vs Xolos, I would like to know what he would feel if he receives a kick like Chávez’s and they will only admonish the one who gave it to him, I can’t believe that being so close to the action he has only admonished and as it is becoming customary in this referee, the VAR took him out of the ravine, he painted for more, but he will be one of the many if he does not change the course of his career.

The so-called ‘curro’, Fernando Hernández, does not give one, how sad to see how the players yell at him, slap him and there is no response, he lost his dignity for refereeing or having appointment, even if it is from VAR so that the income is not lacking, They are already very cheeky and Liga MX deserves better arbitrations, not these neighborhood ones.

The thing about Diego Montaño is already alarming, last day he expelled Dani Alves unfairly breaking the VAR protocol and the rules of the game, there was no foul in the play, but inexplicably he warned him, after this he was awarded the America vs Tigres, but what do you think, again repeated the dose, is constant and persevering.

Every week he makes the same mistake, in Zendejas’s action on Pizarro he didn’t even know what to do, he was lost, the Tigres players came after him so he was forced to go to VAR, in my opinion it’s a totally accidental play that there is no lack, but hopefully someone will explain to us by regulation why he reprimanded Zendejas.

Entering the final stretch of the tournament and the refereeing does not improve, Benito’s hand has not been seen in these 12 Days, so we hope that between now and the end of the tournament it will improve, many referees, but few effective.