Ingrid Coronado clarifies legal conflict against Fer del Solar and the controversy he has with his widow

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Ingrid Coronado / Mexico Agency

Almost two months after the death of Fernando del Solar, his widow Anna Ferro and Ingrid Coronado have been involved in the controversy after the first revealed in a recent interview that the presenter sued the Argentine before dying.

Despite the fact that the driver has been reserved to talk about her personal life before the media, on this occasion she could not avoid the reporters’ questions about the legal issue with the father of her minor children, to which she first said:

“I would love not to have to be in such a situation, it costs me a fortune, but finally I have to bet on what is fair for me, and that is what I have done and what I will continue to do, for me litigating in the media is not It’s the way of doing things.”

However, when directly questioned about the complaint against Del Solar months before his death, Coronado stressed: “No, that was 8 years before, it was at the beginning of our situation, I have sued whom I have needed to put a limit on. My lawyer mentioned that I have never sued the father of my children, rest in peace.

On the other hand, Ingrid assured that the little ones have surprised her by the way they have reacted after the death of their famous father.

“My children are beautiful beings with enormous inner strength, they have already had to go through many difficult situations at their young age and finally life is not wrong, it has been forming them in a way that they are resilient, they have the best of attitudes, and they teach me every day what it means to be a human being with great values ​​and emotional pillars,” he said.

Regarding whether the minors live with their father’s widow at the moment, Ingrid did not want to go into details and only said: “no, not right now.”

Finally, the presenter preferred not to express words and only respond with a smile to questions about whether to evict Ferro from the apartment where he lived with Del Solar before his death.

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