Indonesia: concert suspended; at least 30 people fainted

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Indonesia: concert suspended;  at least 30 people fainted
In Indonesia they suspended a concert. Photo: AFP

In Indonesia the K-pop band NCT 127 was forced to prematurely end her first concert in the country after some 30 people fainted due to a crowd of spectators, police said.

Indonesia is still shocked for the death last month of 130 peoplebetween them 40 childrenin a avalanche human in a jakarta stadiumin one of the worst disasters in football history.

A police spokesman Endra Zulpan, stated Friday night that the band concert He had been in concert for two hours when several spectators wanted to approach the stage where the popular group was at the same time k pop NCT 127.

“Because of it, 30 people fainted. To prevent further incidents, we decided to stop the concert at 9:20 p.m.,”

Said Endra Zulpan, police spokesman.

The spokesman of the policeman Indonesian He also explained that the affected people have successfully recovered after fainting in concert what could end up in tragedy in that country.

The other canceled concerts in Indonesia

However, the concert Kpop Band Nct 127, It has not been the only event that has had to be suspended in Indonesia because last weekend, the police canceled the third day of the festival of Berdendang Bergoyang music in Jakarta, after 30 people fainted, due to excess capacity.

The same day, More than 150 people died in a stampede on the streets of Seoulwhen they held a Halloween party.

The tragedy of more than 130 dead

The October 1, 2022Indonesian police tried to control a crowd of soccer fans with tear gas, causing a stampede in a stadium in Malang, in the east of the island of Java. at least 133 people died, including more than 40 children.

Many victims were trampled or suffocated when they tried to reach the closed doors either too narrow for leave the premises.

six people including three policemen, they were charged and the regional police chief transferred to another destination.

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