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In which countries is Christmas already earlier than in Mexico?
In which countries is Christmas already earlier than in Mexico? Photo: Getty Images

While you were sleeping, the Good night Y Christmas has already arrived in several countries in the world. If you are curious to know in which nations both events are celebrated before in Mexico, it tells you in which countries is it already Christmas?

Why do they receive it first and which religion should predominate?

For this to happen, in these countries the Catholic religion must predominatewhich indicates that on these dates it happened the birth of jesus christ. The reason they receive the first Good night and then the Christmasis due to its geographical position on the globe.

Which countries receive it first?

Kiribati is the first country to receive the Christmas, because it is in the most advanced time zone in the world. It is an archipelago of 33 islands located northwest of Australia and 232 kilometers above the line of Ecuador. The second country to receive Christmas is New Zealand and the third is Australia.

Which country is the last to receive it?

USA has states where Christmas is received last: Hawaii, Howland and Baker, that celebrate it 22 hours after the first countries already received it.

What countries do not celebrate it?

There are countries that do not celebrate Christmas like China, which does not follow the western tradition. In Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Somalia and Iran nor do they celebrate it, since the majority of its inhabitants profess the Muslim religion and in Israel traditional religion is Judaismso it doesn’t exist either.

In BruneiSultan Muda Hassanal Bolkiah prohibited the display of any symbol associated with the Christmas since 2015, while in North Korea, kim jong un replaced this celebration in 2016 with the commemoration of the birth of his grandmother, kim jong sukwho was born in the Good night.

What comes first, Christmas Eve or Christmas?

The Good night occurs first and is the night of vigil before the Christmas, that is, on December 24, while on December 25 Christians and Catholics celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In Mexicoa custom is that in Catholic churches they usually make calls rooster masseswhich last about two hours between December 24 and 25.

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