In the United States, they capture a moment when a huge shark jumps on a yacht

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A crew member recorded the exact moment a 2.1-meter-long blue mako shark jumped into the boat.
The blue mako shark measured 2.1 meters. Photo: Getty Images/illustrative.

The crew of a yacht were surprised by a shark who unexpectedly jumped to stay inside the boat; while they were in a fishing activity, the shark appeared and two people who were nearby, sought shelter so as not to be injured.

In accordance with a video posted on social mediaa person was with his fishing rod, when in the distance a shark is seen jumping, but immediately another appeared and landed on the deck of the boatcausing the astonishment of the people who were also on the ship.

Crew members sought to escape the shark

Due to what happened, the two people who were located in the lower part of the yacht, immediately looked for how to climb the stairs to avoid the huge fishby not knowing the reaction that the shark would have.

International media report that this incident, captured on video with the exact moment, occurred in August, on the coast of Maine, United States.

The group of people were led by the Captain Dave Sinclair, on the Sea Ventures Charters company vessel, when the crew members were surprised by a shark mako blue.

A 2.1 meter long shark

Speaking to the local media, Captain Dave Sinclair explained that “tag and release sharks for research”, but the situation that occurred last August with the shark that would have had a length of 2.1 meters, had never happened to him.

After what happened, which at the moment caused fear among the crew, the shark was marked and returned to the sea. Likewise, none of the people who were close to the fish was injured, only the shock and surprise of having a specimen of that magnitude at such a close distance.