in the United States, at least 61 dead leaves historic snowfall

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Winter storm
There will be minimal flooding after the snow fall. Photo: Reuters.

The death toll for the historic winter superstorm that affected much of the United States in the vicinity of christmas rose to 61 to datewhen registering two new deaths in the east of the countryauthorities reported Thursday.

At least 39 people died in Erie County

Both deaths occurred in Erie County, in the state of New York, where the city of Buffalo, the epicenter of the storm, is located. At least 39 people died there and the death toll is likely to continue to climb higher.said the head of the county, Mark Poloncarz, in a press conference.

Photo: AFP.

Among them, four were found inside their cars, 11 in houses and 17 outdoors, detailed. With warmer temperatures, authorities feared that a rapid thaw could cause floods.

“Fortunately, it appears that flooding will be minimal. There are chances of flooding, but it looks like it won’t be serious.”

Mark Poloncarz, Erie County incumbent.

Photo: AFP.

electricity is restored

Ultimately, power was restored to all homes in the county, he added.

The area of Buffalo, although accustomed to the harsh boreal winters, was hit hard by the storm. There was heavy snowfall, icy wind and a sudden drop in temperatures.

Bad weather wreaked havoc, to the point that in many cases the workers themselves rescue teams They were stranded on the ground.

Photo: Reuters.

Criticism of local government for crisis response

local authorities now they must respond to criticismwho question his management of the crisis.

The cold was felt to a greater or lesser extent in much of the country, as far as Texas (south) and Florida (southeast), states unaccustomed to such weather conditions.

the storm too caused serious disturbances in the airportswith the cancellation of thousands of flights.

Photo: AFP.

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