In the United States, assailant with a plastic pistol ends up shot by a taco shop customer: video

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Taqueria Customer
The shot assailant died at the scene. Photo: Getty Images/Illustrative.

An alleged robber who was carrying a plastic gun, ended up shot by a customer of a taqueriaafter the suspect turned his back on the diner, who shot him at least nine times.

Through social networks, the moment was shared in which the subject, in black clothing, points to the people who were inside the establishment located at 6873 South Gessner Road, in Houston, Texas.

Warning: The following video contains explicit violence and sensitive material. Discretion is advised

Taquería assailant carried a plastic pistol

By continuing to intimidate the customers and walking towards where the entrance of the taco shop is located, a person took advantage of an assailant’s carelessness to pull out a firearm and making constant detonations, until he ended up on the floor and the diner was able to take away the pistol he was carrying.

According to local media, the spokesman for the Houston Police Lt. R. Willkensreported that the suspect was carrying a gun it looked real, but it was plastic.

The customer who shot the person carrying out the robbery took the money that had been taken and returned it to the diners who had been intimidated.

After what happened, the Houston Police, through a statement, requested help to locate the man and question him about what happened in the taco shop last Thursday, January 5, around 11:30 p.m.

He also published images of him and his vehicle to identify him.

“Witnesses told officers that the suspect entered the restaurant and pointed a gun at customers while demanding their money. As the suspect was collecting money, one of the customers, described as a white or Hispanic male, pulled out his own handgun and fired multiple shots at the suspect. The shooter collected the stolen money and returned it. He and other customers (victims) then fled the scene.”

Houston Police.

Jury will determine future of client who shot thief

In an update of what happened by the authorities, it was detailed that the 46-year-old man, who has not been arrested and has no charges against him, he was questioned and the facts will be referred to a grand jury.

The alleged raiderwho lost his life on the spot, was identified as Eric Eugene Washington, 30..

It should be noted that the suspect was free on bail for an accusation of assault against his girlfriend, US media highlighted.

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