In the United States, a bear discovers a camera and takes 400 selfies

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selfie bear
Of the 580, about 400 were from the bear. Photo: OSMP.

like a whole “influencer” and with “zero vanity”, a bear took about 400 selfies when he discovered a wildlife camera, which are used to learn about the species in the area of ​​Boulder, in the state of ColoradoUSA.

The Department of Open Spaces and Mountain Parks (OSMP) shared part of the approximately 400 photos that the bear took, out of a total of 580 that the device contained.

“Recently a bear discovered a wildlife camera we use to monitor open spaces in #Boulder. Of the 580 photos captured, about 400 were bear selfies.”

Boulder OSMP.

“An ‘influencer’ who does not use filters”

In profile, sticking out the tongue, from the front, from the side, They are part of the poses that the mammal adopted while it was in front of the camera; snapshots that generated different reactions from users of social networks.

  • “At last! An ‘influencer’ who does not use vanity filters”
  • “She should have her own Instagram page”

What are life chambers?

The OSMP details that, every day, dozens of animal species move stealthily through Boulderlooking for food and resting places. Most of the time, no one, not even Department staff, sees them.

But sometimes, OSMP staff are lucky enough to get a close look at local wildlife thanks to a system of motion detection cameras that passively capture snapshots and videos of the animals in its natural habitat. Currently, OSMP has 9 cameras spread across a 46,000 acre land.

“OSMP’s wildlife cameras come to life when an animal stands in front of them. When that happens, the cameras take a still picture. Then they have the ability to capture video for 10 to 30 seconds. At night, they use infrared light to create photographs that minimize disturbance to nocturnal wildlife.”

Boulder OSMP.

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