In the absence of beer, Ricardo Salinas shows what he drinks in Qatar

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  • Front Office Sports estimated the cost of World Cup events and Qatar is the highest.

  • Just as Ricardo Salinas tells anecdotes in Qatar, influencers like Werevertumorro or Chumel Torres have done the same on networks.

  • Qatar is the most important capital in sports right now, for hosting the World Cup match.

The visit of Ricardo Salinas a Qatar, who now took the opportunity to show what he drinks without alcohol, as part of the World Cup match. His statement is one of the phenomena that has arisen around this event that has become one of the most controversial, both due to the organization and the disappointment of the sponsors, as happened with Budweiser by announcing full loads of beer that he could not mobilize in the stadiums due to his prohibitions against alcohol, as well as the strong statements by the president of FIFA, calling critics of the World Cup being held in an Arab country hypocritical.

Like Salinas, who is visiting Qatar, various personalities from social networks have done their thing by going to this place to generate content, which today is a tremendously valuable resource due to the reach of a World Cup event, which is considered so far as the most expensive in the recent history of the FIFAwell Dear of Front Office Sports they refer that the cost of carrying out this meeting was 220 billion dollars, when the World Cup in Russia barely had a value of 11 thousand 600 million dollars; Brazil, 15 billion dollars and South Africa, 3.6 billion dollars.

These types of estimates show us how important it is for content creators to take advantage of every detail of the World Cup match. We saw an interesting exercise in this regard with the arrival of Chumel Torres in Qatar, assuring that upon his arrival he would become a soccer narrator.

Torres’ occurrence is part of the content strategy that many digital influencers such as youtuber known as Werevertomorro, have regretted that the Mexicans recorded videos of how they brought alcohol into Qatar, making the experience an unfortunate one for the famous youtuber, since he recognized that this only exposed them to the rigor of the laws of that country, where this type of behavior is punished. faults with lamentable acts.

What Ricardo Salinas drinks in Qatar

In the absence of beer, Ricardo Salinas boasted that he drinks tea in Qatar, ensuring that it was a very good alternative to the lack of alcohol, which, as we have explained, is part of the prohibition that that country has due to its Muslim culture.

The fact was made known as part of a series of advice that he offered to his followers such as surrounding himself with people more intelligent and with greater capacity than his followers, to whom he gave the advice. Second, moving slowly is the surest way to achieve goals, which is why he recognized that it had better be done right and late than done poorly and on time. Finally, he recommended considering the goals achieved as the beginning of new goals.

Just as Ricardo Salinas has shown the peculiarities in Qatar during the World Cup match, various personalities have provided details about this match such as the famous influencer Paco de Miguel, who attended the sports fair, with actions such as describing what one of the stadiums is like in which the meeting takes place.

These types of cases give us an idea of ​​the value of the experience in sporting events and according to the “Sporting Habits Survey in Spain 2020”, the experience helps to face the lack of interest, time and proximity to the place, as reasons for which were not fully enjoyed from a sporting event.

Faced with these limitations, interest is growing in stories about World Cup events that remind us of the potential of narratives and the ability of brands to be able to get involved through these anecdotes, in conversations within social networks that unleash leads, brand recognition, among other elements.

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