In Peru, boyfriend confesses to father that they force him to marry

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The groom said he did not want to get married. Photo: Getty Images

a man has been made viral on social media for confessing the day of his wedding that they were forcing him to marry and that he was not attending church of his own free will. then in We tell you the details of this story that has already begun to go around the world.

It has been shared on the internet the video that shows how a man She confesses to the priest who officiated her wedding mass that she did not want to get married, which caused her father’s astonishment.

when the priest he asked the couple if they had gone to get married without being forced, This was the dialogue that took place between the father, the groom and the bride.

Dad: do they come to marry without being forced, freely and voluntarily?

Boyfriend: Not.

Dad: ah, you are bound then. Are you coming forced to marry?

Boyfriend: Yes.

Dad: Ooh! What bon. Obliged! There is no marriage if you are forced, yes. Here we are going to finish it.

Father asks girlfriend: Do you come to marry freely and voluntarily?

Fiancee: Yes.

After several minutes of tension and discomfort, the father insisted if the groom had decided if he wanted to get married or if he was being forced; finally, he nervously replied that yes, he was going freely.

On social networks, netizens noted that the groom may have felt uncomfortable and pressured because behind him were the guests, on his side left had the girlfriendwho replied that he did want to get married, and on the right side a woman, who was probably his mother.

According to the reports and due to the fact that the father He said that he could not speak Quechua very well.the events would have occurred in some Peruvian community, since the Quechua languages They are a family of languages ‚Äč‚Äčoriginating from the Andes of Peru.

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