In Oaxaca, a girl diagnosed with wild rabies dies

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In Oaxaca, a girl diagnosed with wild rabies dies
The girl was infected by a bat. Photo: Jose de Jesus Cortes

The Ministry of Health of oaxaca confirmed the death wild rageof the under eight years of agewho, like his seven-year-old brother and two-year-old sister, contracted rabies when they were bitten on December 1st by a bat in their home, located in Palo de Lima, in the municipality of San Lorenzo Texmelucan, in the Sierra Sur del condition.

The minor died in the Civil Hospital from the Oaxacan capital, where she had been hospitalized since December 21 with a diagnosis of brain death.

Rabies deaths in Oaxaca

This is the second death from wild rage in this family, contagion that was confirmed by the Institute of Epidemiological Diagnosis and Reference (INDRE). The first was a seven-year-old minor on December 28, who was the brother of the recently deceased and who, along with another two-year-old sister, who was already discharged on December 30, were bitten. by a bat while they slept.

On January 2, the managing Director of epidemiology of INDRE, Gabriel García, confirmed in a press conference offered at the Palacio de Oaxacan governmentthat, after a brain biopsy performed on the first deceased minor, positive results were obtained for rabies, in its B3 variant of a hematophagous bat, that is, it feeds on blood.

Rabies Vaccines for Farm Animals

After confirmation, the authorities reported that, in the municipality of Texmelucan and its surroundings, where the minors were bitten, applied rabies vaccinations for farm animals and 1,200 more doses will be applied.

  • They also urged citizens not to discriminate against people who have recovered or been exposed to the disease because the rabies virus is not transmitted from human to human.

The two-year-old girl, who is the only one who survived of the three siblings bitten by the bat, will receive one more dose of anti-rabies serum this month to ensure her health.

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