In Colombia, a woman is saved after being hit by a trailer; she was talking on the cell phone: video

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Woman Trailer
The woman suffered cracks in her legs. Photo: Getty Images/Illustrative.

As a “miracle”, this is how a 22-year-old girl described have survived after a trailer he ran over her when she was trying to cross the street to continue her work as a nursing assistant. According to a video, she was talking on the phone when the accident happened.

Security cameras captured the moment when the woman, identified as Lorena Rodríguez, is crossing a busy street while the light of the traffic light It was in red, this last Wednesday, December 7 at 3:30 p.m.

trailer doesn’t stop

When the woman, who he was answering a phone callreaches the lane where a trailer was, the cargo transport advances and pushes it.

Without being able to react in time, Lorena falls to the ground and the vehicle keeps moving without stopping; it was until it completely passed, that is appreciated when you stop the trailerwhose driver, apparently, had not noticed the presence of the young woman.

In interviews for the media, Lorena Rodríguez explained that the accident It happened when I was trying to cross 60 streetin the city of Ibagué, Colombia.

“The tractor-trailer ran over my legs; I suffered a fissure on the right side of the leg, which hurt my left leg, I have some superficial fissures”.

Lorraine Rodriguez.

“I only thought about my family”

He got out of the ambulance with the aim of collecting some documents from a patient at the Keralty Clinic, in the Colombian city, and crossed the street when the traffic light was red.

“All I do is give two kites under the tractor-trailer. The only thing I do is pick myself up, stay still because I was practically passing the tires on the other side by my foot and head. It’s a miracle, I have a great angel who is watching over me from high up. I thank God every day since I get up. Very afraid of dying, I only thought about my family and my daughter, which is my motivation to get ahead”.

Lorraine Rodriguez.

Finally, the young 22-year-old asked for help locating the driver of the trailerwho left the place after the ambulance personnel in which he works and was in place, gave him first aid.

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