In Colombia, a man murders a motorcyclist for discussing a helmet: video

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Motorcycle helmet
A man attacked a young man with a sharp weapon. Photo: Getty Images.

A case of intolerance would have ended with the death of a person by a sharp weapon in Christmasafter an incident occurred between two men, due to one knocking over a motorcycle helmet on the other.

security cameras They recorded the moment on December 24, at 5:22 p.m.; In the images it can be seen how a young man, in a red shirt and blue shorts, is talking on the phone at the entrance of an establishment.

Warning: The following material contains sensitive and violent images, discretion is advised.

Discussion for a helmet

Later, another person passes by, wearing a white and blue shirt and gray pants, who, due to the narrowness of the sidewalk, besides that at that moment also a couple seeks to walk through the same spacefailing to avoid the young man with the helmetthis one falls.

Given what happened, the man who is speaking for youelephone raises his helmet and approaches the other to attack him.

After the discussion, the man in the blue and white shirt complains about what happened and the two get involved in an exchange of words.

When it seemed that the incident would end, the young man on the motorcycle prepares to leave accompanied by a woman; It is at that moment that the one who threw the helmet He approaches and after a short dialogue, it is observed how he takes out a sharp object from among his clothes and attacks the one in the red shirtwho would have ended up on the ground and with the suspect leaving the scene.

He was going to announce his marriage

International media report that the events occurred in the Poblado de Girón neighborhood, Santander, in Colombia; the fatality responds to the name of Héctor Fernando Amariz Nova, 33 years of age.

It was a man, identified as alias Richi, who bumped into Amariz Nova, and he was accompanied by his 12-year-old niece, on a platform before Christmas and knocked over her helmet.

According to the victim’s cousin, Omar Acevedo, Héctor Fernando Amariz Nova had proposed and planned to marry in January 2023a situation that he would announce to his family.

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