In Colima, acrobat dancer falls in full show; watch video

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In Colima, acrobat dancer falls in full show;  watch video
The dancer fell and the show continued. Photo: Gettyimages/ Illustrative

During a show in a restaurant in Comala, Colima, a dancer fell from the top of the stage when performing an acrobatic, the young woman hit the ground and the show continued while the artist continued trying to recover.

The video was shared by the user @OscarAdrianL and shows the exact moment of the acrobatic dancer’s tail. While the young woman was on the ground, one of her classmates approached, but the singer continued to interpret “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston.

Users on Twitter reacted to the dancer’s fall:

  • “I don’t know what is sadder, the non-reaction of the companions or the indifference of the public that, as if it were something normal, does not flinch about asking for help or offering it, the Mexico of our times now understands so many things.”
  • “Incredible the passivity of the public. And they still clap
  • “What a lack of empathy”

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After the fall, Twitter users wondered if the dancer he was fine after the tremendous fall on the ground. In another tweet, @OscarAdrianL reported that the young woman was in good health.

“I hope you understand that accidents happen, everything is fine, we are still standing,” said the dancer, who fell from a good height.

Many users criticized the passivity of the public because in the video there is no reaction after the fall of the young woman. In a part of the clip it was observed that the singer did not come to see if her show partner was okay.

  • Despite the mishap, the young acrobatic dancer was able to leave the show that was presented at a restaurant in Comala, Colima, unharmed.