In Chile, thieves throw money on the road to avoid being arrested

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In Chile, thieves throw money on the road to avoid being arrested
Six thieves were arrested. Photo: Gettyimages/ Illustrative

In Chilesome thieves used a rather strange technique so that they would not be arrested, because the lovers of what was foreign threw the money they had previously stolen in a criminal act.

Money wasted in Chile?

In social networks, the case of some thieves who they threw cash on the road to avoid being arrested, however, their strategy did not work at all. According to various media, they indicated that the thieves managed to steal 10 million Chilean pesos.

In the images broadcast on networks, you can see the moment of the chase of the cars, later, one of the passengers inside the vehicle threw the money that was scattered on the road.

  • According to the video broadcast on networks, six alleged criminals were arrested by elements of the Chilean police.

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Supposedly, the robbery occurred on October 21 in Pudahuel, where the theft was recorded at around 7:45 p.m., in a business located on Corona Sueca street.

The banknotes were released on the Costanera Norte highwaythrough which the bandits tried to escape, however, they were intercepted by the police authorities of Chili.

Various content is shared on networks, a few days ago, another video went viral, since in the skies of Jiache, Guizhou, China, an unidentified object gained notoriety.

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Presumably, the images would have been recorded in October of this year. In them, several passers-by are seen trying to record an object with lights that appears in a group of dense gray clouds.

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