In Argentina, a woman goes to prison to see her husband and discovers that he had a conjugal visit

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In Argentina, a woman visits her husband in prison and discovers that he had a conjugal visit
The video was posted online. Photo: Gettyimages / Illustrative

In Argentina An incident took place like something out of a comedy movie, because a woman visited her husband in prison, but they did not let her pass because they informed her that he was in prison. conjugal visit.

According to local information, the woman waited outside La Planta prison, ArgentinaTo find out who the woman who had visited her husband was, the young woman also called some of her relatives for support.

Red-handed: discover infidelity like this

Because it is a rather unusual event, then, the cell phone cameras captured the exact moment of the encounter. The wife, dressed in black and white, waited for a woman dressed in red, since the jail officials told her what color her lover was wearing.

  • As it was expected, the women got involved in blowssince the incident was not minor

Before starting the brawl, the prisoner’s wife rebuked the lover, “they didn’t let me in because she was with my husband,” said the wife.

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After exchanging all kinds of insults, the wife began to beat the mistress; The images were recorded by spectators and shared on social networks in Argentina.

It is not the first time that an incident of this type has been recorded and then viralized on networks such as Twitter; there are from videos of fights between civilians and police, to funny moments.

  • Social networks are a showcase where many people denounce various abuses

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