In a video of XT4S1S by Danna Paola, a seller of sweets from CDMX appeared

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In a video of XT4S1S by Danna Paola, a seller of sweets from CDMX appeared
The idea for the candy-selling woman came from the director of the music video. Photo: Getty Images

The boom for the new theme of Danna Paola, “XT4AS1S”continues to generate opinions on social networks and this time was no exception, because a sweet seller from Mexico City (CDMX) went viral after making a cameo in the music video of singer.

And it is that in a part of the video you can see the moment in which Danna Paola arrives at a club and asks the saleswoman for a psychedelic candywhich provokes a series of “random” images while Danna and her dancers interact in front of the cameras.

The performance of the sweet seller did not go unnoticed, the woman appears with an outfit that included a blouse with signs and colored beads that hang from her hair and glow in the dark.

Candy seller appears in Danna Paola’s video

The idea of sweet selling woman in Danna Paola’s video was originated by director Edgar Esteveswho pointed out that he found her when they were exploring the recording site.

“We needed to play a woman who would sell Danna a psychedelic candy, so when we were exploring the place, I noticed a woman selling candy across the street.”

Edgar Esteves, director.

The director clarified that when they were about to leave the area where they wanted to record, he saw the girl and told the producer that he wanted her to play the part.

“We were about to leave and I told Mona Moreno Fernández that this is the person who wanted to play the role. If she’s depressed, I’d like to cast her. She said yes, so we did. She looked so beautiful.”

Edgar Esteves, director.

Edgar Esteves also shared on his Instagram account Photographs of how I visualized the shots to generate the videowhich he compared with the final result of “XT4AS1S”.