in 2030 the metaverse will be the technology that will replace them

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Smartphones will disappear before 2030 and the metaverse will replace them, that is the vision of the future of Nishant Batra, Nokia’s director of strategy and technology. According to explains in an interviewthe metaverse will surpass smartphones in the second half of the decade, and in less than 10 years, this technology will replace mobile devices.

According to the Nokia executive, smartphones have only a few years left to live, before being replaced by the metaverse. According to Batra, the metaverse will become a technology that “will consume it all”and it will become the main method of communication:

Our belief is that this device [el smartphone] it will be overtaken by a metaverse experience in the second half of the decade.

The metaverse is the future, according to Nokia

The metaverse is the future, according to Nokia. Batra goes on to explain the vision of him, and according to him, the metaverse will succeed only if it is accepted for diverse usesWhat “games, social interactions and virtual trips”, exemplified. In addition, he also mentions the conditions, according to him, for the adoption of virtual and augmented reality devices that will make the metaverse accessible:

Widespread adoption of the technology by corporations and consumers will be critical for it to really take off, and this will also depend on the availability of affordable, ergonomic, and wirelessly connected VR and AR headsets.

Batra hasn’t given any details on how Nokia will drive adoption of the metaverse, but the company certainly has a plan, not only to drive this technology forward but also to take commercial advantage of it.

By 2030, Nokia envisions a hyper-connected world with 6Gand this will usher in the adoption of other advanced technologies such as computer vision, biosensors, digital twins, and fully immersive augmented and virtual realities.

Batra’s statements are, without a doubt, scandalous. Although Nokia is currently only the shadow of what was years ago in the mobile marketis a technology giant with experience in multiple sectors, and his statements are based on market research.

Movements like Facebook renamed to Meta, and the strong focus of its platforms on the metaverse, suggest that this will indeed be the next technology that will guide the future. Apple is another company that is also preparing its entry into the metaverse with its virtual and augmented reality viewer, although it will be until the second half of 2023according to reports.

Whether the metaverse will overtake smartphones and they will disappear in less than 10 years, as Batra predicts, is another matter. We’ll see.

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