IMSS promotes sport as preventive medicine

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under the National Program of Physical Activation for Healthauthorities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) held the first National Day of Physical Activation for Health in 2023 in order to promote sport as preventive medicine to strengthen health.

The general director of the IMSS pointed out that the presence of the athletes, in addition to knowing their achievements, is an inspiration to promote physical activation at all ages, and for this reason the 35 Representative Offices of the Institute were present remotely in the country.

“If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that we must be in preventive medicine, activate ourselves to avoid diseases, have a healthier, better and happier life”, emphasized.

The IMSS, in addition to giving great contributions to medicine, culture, theater, cinema and sports, has prepared Olympic medalists, because through state and federal projects it has returned to the moments of pride of Social Security, sports are also involved of high performance for which the Institute is already in national competitions with its baseball, basketball and taekwondo teams.

Finally, the institute has a general director who believes in sport, who practices sport and is convinced that it is the best medicine and the best tool to prevent diseases.

They attended around 300 beneficiaries and without IMSS social security to this macro physical activation of Cardio Box, which is part of the promotion of health through macro physical activation days.

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