IMSS Medicine Unit will be relocated due to floods

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The clinic, Family Medicine Unitnumber 6, in San Jose del Cabo, will be relocated. This was stated by the governor of the South Californian state, Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, during the ninth session of the State Civil Protection Council that tracks the path of Hurricane Kay.

On September 7, while the governor was presiding over the council, a journalist colleague asked about the people who were transferred by boat by elements of the Heroic Fire Department local, as a result of the flooding of the clinic in question; to which the governor reported…

“The clinic that was built in San José del Cabo many years ago and every time it rains heavily that clinic is historically flooded, and right now the insurance partners will surely give an answer to these evictions that are taking place; not only in times of hurricanes, eh, but in heavy rains. The clinic is poorly located and they have not found a way to prevent it from flooding. It is a technical problem of poor planning.

Located in the Av. Miguel Hidalgo, Historic and Tourist Center of San José del Cabo, Castro Cosío assured that in the state entity many things are wrong, many tragedies could be avoided if we were in a position to plan better, in all communities, he assured.

Before moving on to another topic, Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío commented that his colleague Zoé, in clear reference to Zoé Alejandro Robledo Aburto, general director of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), he already has knowledge of the subject, assured the president.