IMSS Bienestar Health Plan advances in seven states

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The general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Zoé Robledo Aburto, reported the general development of the IMSS Well-being Health Plan in seven states incorporated into the federalized system.

Nayarit went from 78 percent to 99 percent in drug supply; there is a coverage of 97 percent in medical specialists. The financing reaches 936 million pesos.

Tlaxcala reached 96 percent in supply of medicines; the coverage of specialist doctors stands at 91 percent. The investment is 520 million pesos.

Colima has five hospitals and 118 benefited health units. The supply of medicines is at 97 percent. Federal resources are around 403 million pesos.

Baja California Sur advances with financing of 310 million pesos; the coverage of specialist doctors registers 76 percent; first and second level staff training is complete.

Sonora has an investment of 822 million pesos; the supply of medicines reached 98 percent. Specialist doctors present a coverage of 68 percent.

Sinaloa has a contribution of 692 million pesos. The supply of medicines reports 96 percent; 33 hospitals and 340 health units are operated.

Campeche is benefited with 638 million pesos, which allows increasing the supply of medicines to 88 percent; the coverage of specialist doctors reaches 50 percent.

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