IMSS account with a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit to treat pain due to posture problems

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In the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit (UMFyR) Siglo XXI of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), problems related to the spine are those that occupy the second place of consultation, per year care is provided to more than four 1,800 beneficiaries and 8 percent of these cases correspond to postural pathology of the cervical spine.

In this sense, Dr. María Isabel Jaime Esquivias, director of the UMFyR Siglo XXI, pointed out that the most common posture problems that are treated in this unit more frequently affect children at the cervical or upper dorsal level.

He mentioned that the pain caused by postural problems can become a limiting factor, an improvement in the quality of life; “The patient not only experiences it as pain focused on his neck or upper back, it even affects his mood, leaving him irritable.”

Jaime Esquivias specified that among the problems related to pain in the cervical spine are those that are of postural mechanical origin, that is, caused by poor posture: sleeping with inappropriate pillows, keeping the head in one position for a long time , when carrying out daily work activities, sitting for more than four continuous hours or keeping the neck flexed repetitively during the day.

He pointed out that the UMFyR SXXI attends to patients who present this type of problems not complicated with neurological alterations but in a chronic stage, whose treatment is based on superficial heat and therapeutic exercise aimed at improving the elasticity and strengthening of the paravertebral musculature and, of course, in detect the conditions of daily life that can generate these bad postures, both in activities at home, at work, as well as in the hours of rest.

The hospital has joint hygiene directed specifically towards the spine area, and treatment modalities based on electrotherapy, whose function is to manage pain and inflammation, explained the specialist.

“The assessment by the Family Medicine Units becomes essential, since postural defects acquired from the first level of care can be prevented, avoiding the presence of chronic pain” concluded Dr. Jaime Esquivias.

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