Impressive: this is how the streamers recreated by an artificial intelligence are

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The artificial intelligence it has ceased to be something that sounds like science fiction to become part of our lives. The use we can make of them is practically infinite and their only limit is our imagination.

This has been demonstrated by a Twitter user named Claudio Rojas-Reyeswho is using an AI to recreate some of the most well-known streamers in the Hispanic community.

The AI ​​in question is stable diffusiona “machine learning model developed by Stability AI to generate high-quality digital images from natural language descriptions,” according to its Wikipedia entry.

The result is, to say the least, spectacular, as we can see in the recreations that Rojas Reyes has made of content creators such as CristininiBiyín, Perxitaa , Reborn or TheGrefg among many others.

But far from being simple portraits, these recreations allow us to see different versions of the streamers, such as aroyitt turned into Wonder Woman or Carola pirate dress

This exercise makes clear to us once again the vast potential of artificial intelligences. If in 2022 we can do this kind of thing, what can we not do in a few years with them?


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