[Impresiones] Splatoon 3 for Nintendo Switch

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There is one thing almost all Nintendo fans agree on: Splatoon was the great legacy of Wii U. After establishing itself as a worldwide successful franchise with its first installment (especially in Japan), splatoon 2 It arrived a few months after the launch of the Nintendo Switch to consolidate the success of the inklings and their colorful world. Now, years later, we receive its third installment, which promises to be the most complete to date.

Thanks to the team of Nintendo Spain, we have already been able to test this new entry in the series, and today we bring you our first impressions about it delving into three of its great aspects: its campaign, its territorial combats and the improved Salmon Run. Are you ready? Well, the time has come to leave Chromopolis and immerse yourself in the new region of Tinthelia!

A new story full of mystery!

The first thing we have to comment on is game story mode. This time, the campaign will lead us to embody the Agent 3whose journey will take him (along with the friendly cenutrinour new mascot) to delve into alternatea strange place that harbors a substance that has made him begin to grow hair to octarianssomething completely unusual in splatoon world!

We will not go into too many spoils because we have only been able to have a first contact with this mode. Nevertheless, the new plot promises to be quite interesting and curious. All in all, the campaign of the Splatoon games always has as its main task that we train with the different weapons and mechanics of the game, and from the levels that we have tried so far, it seems that Splatoon 3’s adventure will also more than fulfill with said task.

Territory Battles: Better Than Ever

splatoon 3 prints

It would splatoon without their turf battles? Splatoon 3 has arrived with the promise of improving and smoothing out the clashes against other players much more. To begin with, we now have a hall where we can go practicing before our games. There we can also see holograms of our friends and join their fights if we wish.

At the beginning of a confrontation, each player can fall on the map from floating platforms and start filling every surface with the color of your team. With all the weapons from the previous game, as well as new ones (there are some that are really cool, You can check them out on the official Nintendo website!), and completely unpublished scenarios, the game feels pretty coolstill maintaining the fundamentals that led it to the success it is today.

Although we haven’t been able to test them yet, other ways of splatoon 2like the paint mode, the tower mode, the goldfish mode or the clam assault also return for this installment, so Fun is assured for all types of player! Furthermore, everything indicates that create custom rooms and play with friends to our favorite modes will now be easier than ever – we couldn’t be happier!

Salmon Run, now more ferocious

advance splatoon 3

The cooperative mode par excellence of Splatoon 2 returns renewed for this new installment: Salmon Run has made us give the callus repelling hordes of enemies the sea of ​​powerful and imposing. Collaborating with three other players, we will have to collect all the red caviar we can from the salmonids that threaten our integrity in order to rise to victory.

The most outstanding novelty this time? The introduction of new large salmonidspowerful enemies that will make us sweat ink, like the fearsome pot lidsable to protect enemies, or the Artilleroid, deadly launcher of fearsome projectiles. Added to these enemies is an even more ferocious one: the arrival of the big heads salmonids As the mullet. These kinds of creatures will appear before completing a mission, and we will have a time limit to make them bite the dust… And get a good pay! Of course, this mode is quite a challenge in which coordination with our team will be more essential than ever!

This is just the beginning…

first look splatoon

As you can imagine, this first contact with Splatoon 3 we loved it. We are facing a game full of color and charisma. Of course, it has all the ballots to become, not only the best and most complete installment of Splatoon, but also the one of the best games of the year for Nintendo Switcha real pass!

There are other aspects of Splatoon 3 which we still want to talk to you about, like the new territory fighting modethe customization of our locker or replays, to name a few of the many possibilities of the rich game world that we saw in the recent Splatoon 3 Direct. Definitely, Tintelia feels really aliveand the customization options have been increased with new hairstyles, stylish clothes and even reactions that we can use to express ourselves.

Because the large amount of content that the game promises to bring uswhich we already know will continue to be updated throughout the year with more free content, in a few days we hope to be able to offer you a full analysis so that you can discover all the news of what is, without a doubt, the great release of September for Nintendo Switch.

If you are anxious for the launch, we remind you that a Splatoon 3 OLED Nintendo Switch will be available from this 26 of August. Likewise, a day later will take place Splatoon 3: Splatfest World Premierewhere you can take a first look at the in-game festivals and decide which is better: rock, paper or scissors? Until then, you better behave yourself, And keep the ink flowing!