IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO GET EXCITED: What Luka Modric told Rodrygo after his missed penalty against Croatia in Qatar 2022

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Today, at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they were rivals. But on a day-to-day basis, they are teammates at Real Madrid. For this reason, as soon as the penalty shootout between Brazil and Croatia concluded (which ended with a sad ending for the South Americans), Luka modric he approached Rodrygo Goes.

Thanks to the magic of social networks and the shots of the international broadcast, it was possible to appreciate the words that Lukita dedicated to the winger who emerged in Santos.

A message of encouragement, encouragement. She reminded him that everyone fails and, using an experience of hers (Euro 2008), she told him that she will come back stronger from this setback. Also, she used the term/nickname ‘son’. And it is that, due to the age difference, their relationship and good vibes is like that of father and son.


“Come on, huh. Strong. It’s okay, huh. You are stronger than this. They all fail, they all fail, huh. You’re going to come back strong, huh. I love you. I love you son. Come on cheer up”.

In interview with Goal, confirmed what he told Rodrygo: “It can happen to anyone. We must congratulate Rodrygo because in this game and all that it means, having the strength and mentality to take and shoot a penalty, is to congratulate him. All can fail. I have told him, I have encouraged him. I remember that I was a few years older than him, when I missed my penalty against Turkey in 2008 (Euro), I was 23 years old. And it’s not easy, but that’s going to make him stronger. And he will gain more experience and strength to continue. I’m sure he’s going to get stronger with this. Nothing happens. They all fail. I have given him encouragement and strength. A shame because it was him, because I get along very well with him, but I’m happy for my country and that we’re in the semis.”



Exemplary professional.

Thank you for so much, Lukita.



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Undefeated Data. Second time that Luka Modric helps Croatia to get into the top 4 in a World Cup. He did it in 2018 and 2022. Total legend.

Did you know…? Luka Modric has been part of the Croatian National Team since 2006. He has spent more than 15 years shining with his country’s senior team.

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