“I’m in”; McDonald’s uses shark from ‘Shark Tank’ and hits

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  • According to a recent study, companies earn just over five dollars for every dollar they invest in the marketing viral or marketing of influencers.

  • Currently, social networks bring together a community of almost 5 billion Internet users who connect daily to their platforms.

  • Today, brands are betting on having a greater presence on social networks and McDonald’s; Now, he is allied with one of the most famous characters in social networks.

As part of a strategy of marketing, McDonald’s decided to use one of the famous “sharks” from Shark Tank and, to tell the truth, it has hit the Internet users.

Today, brand strategies are much more involved in the digital section, with social networks being a great commercial showcase that provides important benefits.

input, We are talking about spaces where billions of users congregate in a single day and, furthermore,these are the sites dominated by the new generations, especially TikTok, which has a larger population of young people.

Now, in another context, let us remember the importance that the different personalities of the social networks or influencers nowadays. For brands, the use of this strategy (the marketing of influencers me marketing viral) is of great impact.

This is revealed by a survey conducted by The Influencer Marketing Hub, in conjunction with Viral Nation and NeoReachwhich reports that companies earn just over five dollars for every dollar invested in the marketing of influencers.

From this perspective, it is common to see characters such as Luisito Comunica, Juanpa Zurita, Paco de Miguel, among many others, in the strategies of different brands that seek to reach that niche of consumers that, since the arrival of the pandemic, have adapted to the digital and that, for the newest generation (the so-called Generation T), social networks and other platforms will be among their main consumption habits.

Marcus Dantos, “shark” from ‘Shark Tank’, joins McDonald’s

In the midst of a context in which, as we mentioned, social networks dominate, McDonald’s is one of the brands that is betting on digital strategies and, as the popular saying puts it, “for example, a button”.

Marcus Dantus, one of the show’s most recognizable “sharks” ‘Shark Tank Mexico’ is, now, the protagonist of a new McDonald’s campaign that seeks to publicize the promotions in the store.

To do this, the strategy is focused on the digital section, on social networks such as TikTok, seeking to monopolize that audience that currently accounts for more than one billion daily active users.

The response from Internet users has been, in general, positive, showing that the presence of brands in the digital scene is vital.


What does a true Shark Mind do? ? @McDonaldsMx @McDonald’s #SharkMind

? original sound – Marcus Dantus

“I loved the product, I liked your speech, you are a guy. By the way, I’m reading your book and it’s great!”; “Great tips, thanks for sharing. You’re super cool”; “Do you know how long it would take to recover my investment? Never, that’s why I’m inside”; “I love your proposal, your marketing”; are some of the user responses,

There is no doubt that strategies like this arise every day thanks, in large part, to the rise of social networks. Let us remember the recent case of Soriana who, for her already traditional “Julio Regalado”a season of offers and promotions of the store that works to attract customers, decided to recruit Luisito Comunica.

Thus, as part of its strategy to reach consumers, Soriana decided to team up with Luisito Comunica in an ad that was well received by audiences.


The very iconic Julio Regalado helped me with my purchases? ? #ConJulioLoRegaladoTeArrives @Soriana

? original sound – Luisillo El Pillo

In full domination of social networks and, above all, looking to the future, specialists predict that TikTok, Instagram and other platforms will be a great showcase for brands in a society that will continue to lean towards digital.

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