IlloJuan filters the end date of Karmaland 5

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the fifth season of karmaland it has been one of the most outstanding series of streamers of the year. And it is that the popular Minecraft server has left great moments throughout all these months.

Nevertheless, its end is getting closer. This is something that some members of the series had already commented as Willyrexalthough, for the moment, no one has specified an exact date for said end.

At least that’s how it was until now, since IlloJuanin a recent direct and totally innocent way, has leaked when the end of the Minecraft server will come for this season.

To begin with, the streamer from Malaga has let his audience know that, from now until the end of the series, he will only enter two more times. “I will enter one more normal day and then at the end“, ad.

The end will be this December. Am I spoiled? Shit, sorry, sorry. But hey, people can expect it to end now in December,” the streamer leaked, completely unintentionally.

Even so, and despite filtering that the end of Karmaland will take place this coming month of December, IlloJuan did not reveal what day exactly, something that, for sure, we will know Sooner than later.


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