If your boyfriend is unfaithful, he will pay his debts: this controversial agreement goes viral

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The couple had to explain that the data of their contract is reserved; The clarification was given because his case went viral. Photo: Pixabay (Illustrative)

With notary in betweena woman did that her boyfriend signed a contract through which he agrees to pay his debts in case of be unfaithful. The agreement with which the fiancé accepts this conditionhas caused controversy on the internet.

The user who showed off with a video the option she used to ensure the loyalty of your partner He explained what the agreement that they formalized through a piece of paper consists of. Due to the particularity of your case, your post went viral.

If her boyfriend is unfaithful, he will pay his debts: woman presumes agreement with her fiancé

The user of tittoksalamiiqueen, shared a video in which he explains that signed an agreement with her boyfriend in which he agrees to pay his debts if he is unfaithful.

The prenuptial contract What she did with her fiancé was endorsed by a notary public.

“I just reached a new level of insanity. My boyfriend, well, my fiancé just signed an agreement and we notarized that if he cheats on me, he has to pay my bills. I did it really, I have a legal document. If he cheats on me, he’s screwed. Am I so smart or so crazy, I don’t know.”

The bride comments on her video

It is known that the couple is also committed to financial projects and that is why for them to sign agreements and this contract in particular does not generate noise.

Due to the controversy that their case unleashed, they have revealed that they were the ones who typed the document and, yes, they have refused to share the details of the paper due to the reactions that the contract triggered. In addition, they plan to reserve the clauses with which the fiancé intends to guarantee his loyalty.

Some comments that the video generated were:

  • “My kind of prenuptial agreement, thanks for setting me up this precedent”
  • “Sister, where has the confidence gone these days? It seems that now he will only be afraid of cheating because of this prenuptial agreement, instead of not cheating for love of you.
  • “If they’re not willing to do this, I don’t want them”