If you frequently get motion sickness on a car ride, try this trick (without medicine)

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Don’t let your next road trip be ruined by motion sickness (source: Amazon).

Does the idea of ​​being in a car for more than an hour turn your stomach? If you suffer from motion sickness, you know all too well how harrowing long car rides can be. If nausea, dizziness, and cold sweats make you never want to get in a moving vehicle again, you may want to try a massage from acupressure to help relieve your symptoms.

Motion sickness can be a big drawback. Although you can do some things to try to calm the symptoms, such as changing position, taking a breath or looking forward, there are times when nothing works. If you have tried everything to calm dizziness when you move in a vehicle and nothing works, this wristband could be the solution. Read on to find out why some customers They say this has saved their lives.”

If you frequently get seasick in the car, try this trick

These acupressure bands are a great alternative to medication (source: Amazon).

$8 $12 at amazon

Nausea relief is at your fingertips, or better yet, wrapped around your wrist. These acupressure wrist bands of Sea-Band are clinically proven to relieve nausea. While they can be used when you’re feeling nauseous, these bands are great to use if you’re experiencing motion sickness.

You may be wondering how exactly these wrist wraps work. The elastic wristband has a plastic button inside that exerts pressure and stimulates an acupressure point that has been shown to relieve nausea and vomiting. East remedy natural, reusable and non-drowsy, does not contain any medication, so it does not produce side effects.

A user from Amazon who has suffered from motion sickness for a long time says the following about the wristband: “A family member recommended them to me. Hesitating, I bought them and wear them all the time. I haven’t felt nauseous even once. My boyfriend even told me that while we were driving home I was using the phone and didn’t get seasick (read something while driving was always something I shouldn’t do.) I was able to look out the window and enjoy the scenery (I usually just look at the road, as looking out the window makes me dizzy.) These wristbands have changed my life – now I can enjoy car rides!

With these natural wristbands, you can enjoy road trips without motion sickness and without the side effects of medication. Get yours today on Amazon for less than $8.

$8 $12 at amazon

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