If you are going to put a WiFi Mesh network, you must choose between these three brands

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Three brands of Mesh networks that you should value

Currently, the vast majority of router manufacturers have equipment compatible with Mesh, however, for many years we have analyzed the main solutions from different manufacturers, and we believe that the best Mesh networks for home users are those of ASUS, AVM and D -Link. Next, we are going to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each solution, because they are not perfect either.


WiFi Mesh routers and systems from the manufacturer ASUS incorporate the AiMesh technology that allow us to form a high-performance mesh network, made up of any router from the manufacturer that is compatible with AiMesh, which today are all the models available. Thanks to AiMesh, we are going to have WiFi roaming between the different nodesto go from one node to another in a totally transparent way when we go throughout our home, in addition, we also have the Smart Connect with band-steeringto have a single SSID shared with all the frequency bands, so that the system itself places us in the optimal band depending on the coverage received, the number of clients connected by each band and other parameters that are configurable.

The strengths of ASUS Mesh WiFi are:

  • Advanced configuration settings, we can define the priority of the frequency bands, for example, so that they always connect to each other in 5GHz.
  • Possibility of defining with which superior node to connect, because we can configure the interconnection between the nodes manually. We also have an “Optimize” button that does this automatically.
  • Possibility of preventing roaming to certain clients, ideal for Smart TV or consoles that we are not going to move.
  • Great WiFi performance on all models.

However, not everything is perfect in AiMesh. The first thing to know is that having so many options can be overwhelming for home users who don’t have much knowledge. Another aspect to assess is that we have many models of routers, we must choose the right one for us, and do it when they have been on the market for a while so that they have solved all the firmware bugs.


AVM is one of the most recommended manufacturers for setting up a Mesh network, currently all its models of routers, desktop and wall WiFi repeaters, as well as its PLCs with WiFi, incorporate compatibility for FRITZ! Mesh. AVM is characterized by its simplicity and by having a firmware truly optimized to provide the best possible performance in any circumstance, the strong points are the following:

  • Very simple configuration, the firmware adapts dynamically to the circumstances with the aim of giving you the maximum possible speed.
  • It allows certain advanced settings at the Mesh network level, such as separating the bands into different SSIDs.
  • We have really fast roaming and band-steering, with a seamless user experience.
  • Great WiFi performance on all models.

AVM has a firmware suitable for all users, without complex configuration options, if you are looking for the best balance between available options and ease of configuration, without a doubt it is perfect.

The downside is that we don’t have as many options as ASUS, but you may not need as much as the firmware will take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about it and just enjoy your wireless connection.


D-Link with its new EAGLE PRO AI family allows us to configure a very cheap Mesh network with really amazing performance. The manufacturer has launched this new family to give compatibility to its routers, WiFi Mesh and repeaters and to communicate with each other without problems. Thanks to this new family, we will be able to form a Mesh network with the following advantages:

  • The configuration is the easiest to perform, because it is automatic and we have few configuration options.
  • Great user experience in WiFi roaming.

The negative part is that we have too few configuration options, it is the simplest of all, and this is positive on the one hand, but negative on the other. It is something you should keep in mind. Also, we currently don’t have top-end models, they are all AX1500 at most.

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