Ibai will be looking for two new small streamers for KOI

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Ibai has announced the search for two new content creators for KOI. To do this, it will once again use the mechanics of last year: they will be two streamers with few viewers and a lot of potential. The next two signings will be the future ones rioboo Y suzyroxxwho joined the team when they had few viewers.

The opportunity to be a part of the KOI creator roster is unique. Both Rioboo and Suzy are currently streamers consolidated inside the platform. Both have a large fanbase and their numbers are very high. Their names sound to enter the nominees for revelation streamer in the ESLAND.

The Basque has announced on his social networks the new opportunity and a legion of streamerssmall and medium, have begun to apply in ad responses.

It remains to be seen how they do this year to elect the two candidates. Rioboo and Suzyroxx, although they were already registered, were made to go through a Hidden Camera in which they were interviewed in an unfriendly way. It was actually a joke, since they were summoned to announce their entry into the team.

Ibai points out in his tweet that signing two more unknown talents within Twitch was “one of the best decisions” from KOI. In addition to asking interested people to apply, he is also open to recommendations.

You know: if you are small content creators, you have a chance at the KOI casting. And, if you are not, but know someone who deserves one chanceyou can also propose it.

At the moment, Ibai has not explained what the process will be like or when its opening will be made public. Perhaps he is already working for it and soon we will have news. We will be attentive to meet the two new promises of KOI.


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