Ibai talks about comparisons between streamers: “They screw your head”

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the theme of streamer numbers and stats It is always something very commented by the spectators of the different communities. But, how does a content creator live the fact of being surrounded by numbers all day?

Ibai Llanosfaithful to his transparent style, has reflected on this issue in a recent live show and makes it very clear that, for him, the worst thing about this matter is the comparisons.

“Do you know what the worst part of the numbers is? Which is also something that happens to all of us and happens to you outside of the numbers. The worst thing is comparing yourself with the one next door, man. The fucking comparisons fuck with our heads“, assured the streamer.

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“That doesn’t just happen on Twitch, that happens to you on a day-to-day basis with your neighborhood neighbor. That’s a fucking shit, man, because you always compare yourself and the rest compare you, “he continued arguing.

As Ibai says, Twitter It is a platform where all streamer stats are public and visible to anyone who wants to see them, something that obviously helps add fuel to the fire of comparisons.

“On Twitch you can see how much you have right now, how far you’ve come, stats pages, TwitchTracker, analytics, charts, you see everything. I need to tell you how much someone has earned“, settled Llanos.


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