Ibai arrives at the Esland Awards and Doctor Simi receives it

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  • The activation is part of the trend that has followed the famous stuffed animal from the pharmacy brand, in the current boom in events.

  • Like the ambush marketing action, we have seen other cases such as the CM from Chivas, who traveled to Qatar and took advantage of the event to promote the brand.

  • Doctor Simi demonstrates how important branded mascots are as a creative resource to connect with the consumer.

Ibai He went to the Esland Awards this Sunday and there he found the doctor simiin an act that became ambush marketing for the brand, as we will narrate about the case, which was disclosed in TikTok.

Ambush marketing at the Esland Awards

Similar Pharmacies, without paying sponsorships at the Esland Awards, managed to sneak into the social conversation around this event, which was attended by the famous streamer Ibai, who was received with a stuffed Doctor Simi, making the strategy an effective ambush marketing action that He managed to make the famous chain of pharmacies shine alongside companies like McDonald’s, Mercado Libre, Universal and Pingüinos, which did sponsor the event.

The action currently dominates the social media conversation about the awards, which have been a trend since Ibai arrived in Mexico and has motivated the meeting that it has attended to become an opportunity for a Mexican brand to generate social media conversation.

This act has been preceded by other situations in which brands such as the Las Águilas del América team invited Ibai to come to the Azteca Stadium to witness the match that the team had, in addition to being invited to witness the training of the players this monday.

Since streaming videos receiving the famous stuffed animal from the pharmacy chain have gone viral, users have responded with all kinds of questions, such as those who question who the famous player is and others who warn, the confusion that was heard when they called the character as Doctor Slime and not as Doctor Simi.

@3djuegoslatam Ibai arrives at ESLAND 2023 and is thrown a Doctor Simi #ibai #esland #esland2023 #fyp #foryou #for you ♬ Shakira-Farzani

As in the case of Doctor Simi, we have publicized other examples of ambush marketing, which have stood out in consumption, due to how important it becomes for these firms to innovate in the segment of creating content taking advantage of events, as happened with Doctor Simi’s CM, who caught the attention of networks when he visited the World Cup in Qatar to make content with the brand of the famous soccer team, demonstrating how important an ambush marketing strategy is today.

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