Ibai and other streamers react to Shakira with Bizarrap

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  • In the world, the consumption of streaming It has increased from 59.5 to 80.3 percent in 2021.

  • 97.9 percent of Internet users in Mexico consume content streaming.

  • Mexicans spend an hour and 26 minutes on average every day connected to these platforms.

The transformation of all sectors has been closely connected to the implementation of new technologies such as social networks, where even new professions or figures have emerged that have displaced the traditional ones. As an example, we have the streamers who have gained fame in all sectors by reacting to the diverse scenarios that are registered in the world, as is currently happening with Shakira’s new session with Bizarrap to which Ibai Llanos has commented going viral.

In that 2023, the term streamer is already well known, where it refers to a person who is dedicated to creating content and broadcasting it live. through a web platform or social network that offers this service and to which your audience connects without intermediaries.

This new form of communication is being widely consumed by the new generations, who are more connected to the Internet and to everything that happens in this digital environment. According to data from a study called “Uses and attitudes of digital content consumption” prepared in 2021 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain, it stands out that the consumption of digital content in streaming has increased hand in hand with connections and the number of connected devices in each family, going from 59.5 to 80.3 percent.

In Mexico, the population has also joined in consuming this type of content, thanks to the pandemic that accelerated technological adoption. And this is how the Digital 2022 study, prepared by We Are Social and Hootsuitehighlights that one of the activities carried out most frequently by Mexicans, between 16 and 64 years old, in the digital channel it is the reproduction of videos, with 32.3 percent being live broadcast recordings.

They react to Shakira’s session with Bizarrap

As has happened in all the news that has shocked the world, regardless of the industry it is, the streamers they are creating content by reacting to them, giving their own opinion, going viral and even opening debates before Internet users.

This Wednesday the entertainment sector remains in trend, thanks to the session that the Colombian singer Shakira did with the Argentine producer Bizarrap, generating immediate reactions on social networks from well-known figures in this environment such as Ibai Llanos.

During a live broadcast, the Spanish content creator, who tops the list of one of the most important on Twitch, He put the song, full of references against the former soccer player, Gerard Piqué, and shared his reaction with his followers.

“Madre de mi pu… vida, and we said that yes I was going to make beef, I shit… in the pu…, it’s a really great song,” said Llanos, who has 12 million followers on Twitter.

The Spaniard has not been the only content creator who has expressed his opinion on the song in his digital spaces, which is rapidly adding millions of views on YouTube.

Since AuronPlay, El Xokas and The Grefg have talked about the subject that has generated a large number of trends in various social networks. In his last direct video on Twitch, 34-year-old AuronPlay also commented: “what have you messed with Shakira rey, of course what do you want man, what do you want? There were people who called Shakira ‘Piqué’s girlfriend’.

This type of movement has been carried out in recent years with these digital figures that, according to various rankings, can monetize a lot of money with their content that can vary from different topics, trends, such as the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Middle East, the war between Ukraine and Russia and even issues such as global inflation or the pandemic.

Given this, it is relevant to mention that the world has changed and the paradigm of audiovisual content consumption has moved to the internet, leaving traditional media behind.

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