‘I thought I ran over a tire or a piece of furniture’

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Step.- The man arrested for allegedly killing a cyclist riding an electric bicycle while driving along Interstate 10 (I-10) and then fleeing the scene told El Paso Police Department (EPPD) he thought he had hit a tire or a piece of furniture.

The foregoing follows according to court documents obtained by the KTSM station.

EPPD says Hector Octavio Saenz, 42, was driving on Interstate 10 East near the Dallas exit around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.

According to police, Saenz struck Kayci Daundre McCrory, 25, who was riding an electric bicycle in the right lane of the interstate.

Saenz then fled the scene with damage to his front end, police say.

McCrory was then struck by another car whose driver stopped and notified police.

Police say an anonymous tip led to Saenz’s arrest. He has been charged with fatal accident.

Investigators say they learned he had borrowed the Ford Raptor F-150 that was involved in the crash and that vehicle belonged to someone who was out of town.

Saenz told investigators he didn’t stop because he thought he hit a truck tire or a piece of furniture.

Police say they confronted him about the damage to the vehicle and asked that once it was daylight and he could see the extent of the damage, why didn’t he call the police?

Saenz, by his own admission, according to court documents, said his friends had told him they had heard about the accident on the news.

The police again asked him why he didn’t call about the accident. Saenz responded that he ended up calling the police around 6 pm on Sunday.

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