“I really want to go back to school”; uniform “inspired” by anime goes viral

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  • Currently, about 75.6 percent of the national population are within the digital conversation.

  • Worldwide, there was a manga and anime consumer base of more than 120 million.

  • “Boku No Hero Academia” is an anime that has generated an economic spill of more than 15.38 million dollars since 2016.

Social networks have been placed as the basis of current social behavior, since it is through these that society can publicize part of its day-to-day life, an example of this is the growing popularity that a school in Mexico has gained, which went viral for its anime-inspired elementary school uniform.

According to what was indicated by “We are Social”, Worldwide, there is an Internet user base of more than 4.950 million people, of which it is estimated that just over 88.6 million are Mexicanwhich would represent just over 75 percent of the national population, this according to figures from the regulatory body of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications and the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

Thanks to a formula based on establishing contacts, the interaction between social groups and the promise of generating links to generate community on the internet have positioned themselves as the key trend of the new normality; for many “If you are not in the network, you do not exist”, aspect that has a profound impact on the new generations of digital natives.

That is why sectors such as video games and anime have been greatly benefited, so much so that it is currently considered that there is a gamer community of more than 3.1 billion, which would represent about 40 percent of the world population. This is in accordance with what was stated by DFC Intelligencewhile manga and anime consumers already exceed 120 million, at least until the end of 2021.

Uniform “inspired” by anime goes viral

It is thanks to the growing acceptance of sectors such as the manga and anime that viral moments can occur within the digital conversation, such is the case of what happened inside a primary school in Mexico, which has gained polarity due to the similarity that its uniforms share with those of the anime “Boku No Hero Academia”series that has generated an economic spill of more than 15.38 million dollars since its launch, in 2016, under the imagination of Kōhei Horikoshi, Yōsuke Kuroda, and that has positioned itself as one of the most consumed anime today.

It is thanks to the virality of this type of content that evidence can be generated of the importance for young people of attending face-to-face classes within their academic training, since it is in this way that values ​​are reinforced, in addition to what the educational system can offer, such is the case of a teacher who went viral, in recent months, for his unique and special way of teaching, managing to generate links with his students and promoting their school performance.

For the digital community, social networks are, today, the great window they have to expose everything that seems important to them, either because of how funny it is or to highlight and generate pressure, because it is thanks to the community digital that can influence decision-making of all vectors in favor of consumers and society.

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