I pay Netflix in Turkish liras to save, what problems can I have?

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Netflix conditions are only getting worse. In addition to the new plan with advertising, the company is also preparing a new fee for those who decide to share the account, and, almost certainly, a general price increase for next year. If we add to that the fact that the catalog leaves a lot to be desired lately, and that its rivals come stomping very hard, many users choose to look for other “tricks” with which to save with subscriptions. And one of the most widespread is pay netflix in turkish lira or Colombian pesos.

As when making the change to other currencies there may not be much difference, if we compare the prices of services in lira, or pesos, to euros, there is a big difference. So much so that, while the Premium plan in Spain is 17.99 euros per month, the same plan, with the same conditions, in another country costs us less than 5 euros per month. And, by being able to share it with 3 people, we can even earn money by selling each subscription to our friends for only 2 euros.

However, we must bear in mind that not everything is saving, but that, when using this method, we may encounter some problems. It’s unlikely, and it’s worth the risk. But it is something that we must always keep in mind.

It is difficult to start it for the first time

The first thing to keep in mind is that Netflix knows where we are connecting from. And, therefore, whenever we go from Spain to the web, the prices will appear in euros. Therefore, the first thing we need is a VPN, like Urban VPN for Chrome, that allows us to simulate that we are entering from another country. In this case, Turkey.

Once inside, we will see the prices in TRY (Turkish liras), and we will be able to pay with it. This brings us to the second problem: entering a payment method. Many banks charge commissions for currency exchange, so in the end it may not be as profitable. Also, entering bank details into a VPN is not the best thing to do. Therefore, we recommend using a prepaid card from an online banklike Bnext, which does not charge a commission for currency exchange and, in addition, if it is stolen, we can cancel it and not lose the money.

Once the payment method is entered, as long as there is a balance on the card, Netflix will automatically renew.

Netflix in Turkish Liras

The risks for our account

Once the payment of Netflix in lira is configured, we can disconnect the VPN, and when entering we will see the entire catalog of Spain, No problem. However, this method It goes against Netflix’s terms of service.and, therefore, we will always be in the spotlight.

If Netflix detects it, and considers it an abuse, it could close the account. Even without warning. However, this has never happened so far, although 2023 may be a busy year in this regard.

What happens if Netflix closes our account payable in another currency? The truth is that nothing. By paying month by month, we would only lose the time not enjoyed from the last month. Saved lists, profiles, and recommendation algorithms would also be lost. But by creating a new account, and performing the process again, we could continue using it without problems.

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