“I have to like myself!”: Gloria Trevi worries about her appearance and attacks her detractors | VIDEO

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Thanks to another bioseries that bears the title of “They are me“, who will talk about the life of the same Glory fountainthe Mexican singer has become a trend, since recordings began last Wednesday where the project promises to reveal some untold secrets of the “Dr. Psychiatrist” interpreter.

However, this has not been the only reason why the actress is also on the lips of the users of the networks socialbut because of his concern for how he currently looks on screen, since in his last appearance of a late night showshad a different expression on her face than her followers were used to seeing her.

Respond to your haters

The discussion in the famous networks arose from a video published by the now television host Adrian Uribewho shared a video on his Instagram account where Gloria Trevi and he appear dancing the choreography of success of the singer “He was wrong”which caught the attention of her audience for her figure where it is noticeable in her appearance that she has lost a lot of weight, becoming very thin.

“Her head looks bigger than her body”, “She was so beautiful, I think the surgeries do the opposite”, “For a moment I thought it was Elba Esther Gordillo”, “As if the Trevi is grabbing a style to the Lyn May”, were some comments -and the list does not end-, where Gloria received endless opinions about how she currently looks and the innumerable surgeries she has undergone.

with head held high

In this regard, the also interpreter of “Todos me miran” thanked Adrian Uribe for the invitation to his program “At night but without sleep”, and also reacted to the comments of some of his detractors

“I spent it with mother Adri├ín !!! oh and those who are criticizing me, there I put it on my TikTok so that they take two spoonfuls, I have to like myself! … And I like myself,” he commented in the publication of the actor who plays the role of “El Vitor”

Likewise, La Trevi responded to those who follow her career and her music with affection and are not remembering her past or are giving their opinion about the body of others, thanking them for the praise they have for the c54 year old singeryes

“To those who say nice things, I love them with all my soul”, he sentenced


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