I have bought almost every iPhone since the original. This is what I have learned for the iPhone 14

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We are less than two weeks from the presentation of the new iPhone 14 Y of the end of the mysteries of this new generation. A good time to look back and tell you, from my experience, what I have learned buying almost every iPhone from the original and what is the use of all this to plan my future purchases.

Two years as a reference point for sale or Trade In

a few days ago i read an article on iMore counting the experience acquired after buying all the iPhone presented. Lessons about the replacement program, the Apple Card and other aspects that do not apply in Spain, but that gave me the idea of ​​telling my shopping experience. I have had the pleasure of using the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro. Many iPhones, but the list hides more details than it might seem.

Starting with the iPhone 3G, the first one that arrived in Spain officially and was compatible with the networks of our country, I have skipped all the S models, especially to have the new design when it was released, although now this change is fading. I have also avoided the Max or Plus models and have always opted for the Pro models. The truth is that, in addition to personal preferences, there is some calculation in it all.

You will notice, for example, that the purchases have taken place in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2021. This is almost every two years. The reason for doing so is resale value. In my experience a phone three years old or older sells for much less than one of two. In other words, the devaluation accelerates notably after a certain time, it is not linear. Between that and the usage of the phone itself, I’ve found that a two-year renewal offers a very good balance between the recurring cost of the device and the value the old device brings to the new purchase.

It is true that in 2017, with the iPhone X, I had to make an exception and leave behind the iPhone 7 that had only been with me for a year, but the change that the iPhone X represented was tremendous, enormous and called for an immediate purchase. I have also noticed that, in recent years, especially after iPhones exceeded 1,000 euros in sales value, the retention of that value in second-hand sales has remained firmer.

As for second-hand sales, whether on platforms like Wallapop or directly with Apple’s Trade In, a three-year-old iPhone costs more to sell. On the other hand, an iPhone that is only one year old, no matter how much you specify that it still has a one-year warranty from Apple (if we have bought it directly from Apple) doesn’t seem to attract anyone’s attention. I have to say, as a final note on prices, that Apple’s Trade In program seems increasingly attractive to me. They pay an interesting amount and, above all, the management is assured, without haggling, meaningless offers and occasional surprises before some peculiar buyer. It is through Trade In that I will manage the sale of an iPhone 11 Pro of a family member for the purchase of the 14 Pro, for example.

Lastly, I would like to say that a change every two years seems enough to me to enjoy the novelties and that there is sufficient reason to carry out the change. Yes, I am aware that Buying an iPhone every two years is much more of a whim than a necessity, but, in my opinion, it has an interesting balance between novelties and investment. And since we’re going to follow the game of a regular renewal, I’d rather not be further behind than two versions.

Speaking of the Max and Pro models, we are now much more into personal matters. For me, cameras are essential, so the Pro models have always been my choice. On the other hand, the Max model seems too big for the use I give it, so I prefer something more manageable. In addition, saving the information in the cloud I have always opted for as little storage as possible. I prefer more cameras and less space than the other way around, for example.

Advice, something that many readers on Twitter and family and friends always ask me regularly, there are several. When buying, always, always recommend always buy the iPhone directly with Apple. The guarantee, by law, runs the first year by the manufacturer and then by the seller. Having a two, now three, year warranty with Apple, with its generous replacement and repair policy, is something to keep in mind.

At the time of selling there is also something to take into account. Although it is true that we can organize the Trade In when buying a new iPhone, we can also do it after that time. This leaves us some room to ask family and friends if they are interested and to put it up for sale on Wallapop, for example. If it works, great, we get fed up with haggling and other issues, we go to Apple to join the Trade In program when it suits us. In the end, it’s about having the phone we want when we need it.