I have banished gaming headphones forever and it is the best decision I have made

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You can go to the online store you want and you will find a huge variety of headband gaming headphones. Although some have more frequency range, more padding or different technologies, the truth is that they are all the same. I have ended up tired of this type of headphones because they are uncomfortable and I have switched to in-ear headphonesand here I stay.

Throughout my life I have had gaming headphones that cost me 15 euros up to 150 euros headphones. Luckily, because I’ve been writing about hardware and peripherals for years, I’ve tried many gaming headsets from different brands. But in the end I have finished in-ear headphones and there is nothing more comfortable.

Tired of headband gaming headsets

For years I have used and owned various types of gaming headsets. I have always liked them a lot, until I spent 150 euros on high-quality wireless phones with virtual 7.1 sound. The problem is that when they passed 2-3 hoursthey began to write me down a little discomfort the ears because of the pressure they exerted. Also, in summer, my ear was sweating quite a lot because of the headphones.

About a year ago I bought some headphone go ear with cable for mobile with microphone. During the summer, because of the heat, I started using them on the computer and I still use them for everything. I use them to listen to music as well as to play the game. CS:GO or to Cyberpunk 2077And I don’t plan to go back.

This past summer, because I returned to intense sports, I decided to buy some Bluetooth in-ear headphones for sports. They are characterized by having support, to prevent them from falling when you play sports. Well, although I buy them to play sports, I also use them to play sometimes, since they also incorporate a microphone.

One may think that it is a bad decision because gaming headphones isolate a lot. The ear also, the rubber band that they carry too prevents the sound from leaking quite a bit.

They have the advantage of being quite cheaper most gaming headphones. As a negative part, everything is said, the microphones are usually quite crappy. But more than enough to have a few laughs with friends in the game.

In the end, to taste the colors

In my experience, moving to this type of headset has been an increase in comfort. I use them on a daily basis for everything, both to listen to music, video games or for work calls. I think that gaming headsets have been overly idealized and are not always the best option.

I am clear that there is no turning back, at least in my case. Although the ones I bought for my mobile have become the ones for my PC, since my new mobile doesn’t have a Jack connector, when they break I’ll use the ones I have Bluetooth for doing sports. It’s just that I even have the headband headphones I used to have here, which work without problems, but I don’t want them anymore. I keep them just in case, but come on, if the in-ears I wear break, I’m going to buy another one on the same day.

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