I don’t know who I married: Yrma Lydya’s alleged femicide

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the lawyer jesus N gave his first interview since he was arrested on June 23, after being accused of murdering his wife Yrma Lydya Gamboa.

“I don’t know who I married,” said the lawyer, stating that the age, relatives and perhaps the name that his partner had were false. He said that she was the one who assaulted him, cheated, stole, extorted and destabilized his life.

From the North Prison, -who faces criminal proceedings for the crime of femicide- assured that Yrma Lydya was not a victim, and said he wants to find out who the person he was married to really was.

Regarding the night in which the singer was murdered inside the Suntory restaurant in the Del Valle neighborhood, the 79-year-old lawyer did not want to speak “my lawyers do not allow me to bring up the subjectandIt’s part of an investigation and my defense,” he said.

In an interview with the journalist Mario A. Salgado Becil, the lawyer regretted that, being in prison, ccustomers who owe you money do not want to pay you, while some of your partners want to keep your business, “They think I’m dead, but I’m not,” he warned.

“Think of Yrma Lydya?”

“In who?”.

“In his wife?”

“My dear Mario, I know that talking about a dead person is wrong, they should be remembered for all the good they did, but I don’t know who I married. I don’t know if I was married, I don’t know if it was his name and who he was. I have met a person who did not exist, in my experience I do not know who she is and, if I speak of the dead, it is trying to find out who she was.

Was Yrma Lydya a stranger?

“Yes, I married a girl accompanied by her mother and grandmother who told me that she was a virgin, that she had never had anyone in her love life, that Jesús Carlos Quiñones (founder of Grupo Radio 13) was her protector, that he loved her like a daughter, but that she was a virgin, that they had never kissed her. I married her without ever kissing her, for me she was a great girl”.

—Jesus, you are a man of experience, did you believe him?—

“Of course, because lying sometimes we believe what we want to see.”

—You had almost 25 years of marriage, did you leave your wife for her?—

“No, I was immensely happy in my marriage, my wife is an exceptional woman.”

“Then why did you get divorced?”

“Oh Mario, I’ve asked myself that thousands of times! She got mad at me precisely on a bohemian nightI had at home and Yrma Lydya sang, maybe she sensed something. You know, that woman’s instinct, although at that date I had nothing to do with her. “My ex-wife was upset and asked me for a divorce, even in court the judge asked us ‘how long we had been married’, I answered 24 years six months, she asked my ex-wife ‘how long have they been separated?’ ten days, “he replied. The judge told us: ‘don’t you want to think about it?’

“Do you regret marrying Yrma Lydia?”

I repeat, Mario, I never married the woman who died, she is a stranger to me. I don’t know his age, I never met his stepfather, all the addresses they gave me were false, it was registered nine years after he was born, there are two different birth certificates, he has no school record.

“Galia (her collaborator) has been investigating in the places where she claimed to have studied and there is no record of her, in short, It is a ghost”.

“Is it true that you hit him?”

“What man of being a man hits a woman? She hit me; I have no strength in my hands, neither in my arms nor in my legs since I had surgery on my spine. They inserted cervical discs, first they put plastic ones to remove the infection and then they put titanium ones.

“What bothered you most about all this?”

“The lies, the tabloid stories, everything they say without foundation, unfinished stories only with their version, as if mine, which is true, did not exist.

“His wives dead?”

“See, those are the lies that circulate in the media. Only one of them has died of illness in Williams Sport City, Pennsylvania, this many years after they divorced. She remarried and had another daughter, the others are alive, you could talk to them, what’s more, she asks her son: ‘Is your mother dead?’: he laughs and says, of course not dad ”.

“Do you use weapons?”

“Yes, I have carried a weapon for 40 years and I have never had a problem.”

“Your relationship with Yrma Lydya?” It is said that in public he was cordial—

“My relationship at the beginning was good, she had very strange ways of behaving, sometimes she just left and disappeared for days. MHe said he was going with his mother and was looking for excuses to do it”.

“But she asks for a divorce?”

“You’re wrong, Mario, it’s me who asks for a divorce, I was no longer comfortable with his escapades and his arbitrariness and everything he stole from me and took from the house. My assistant can give you a copy of the divorce petition and it was given to the Public Ministry”.

—Your intention in giving this interview is to convince public opinion of your innocence or to victimize yourself?—

“Neither of the two: my intention is that people help me discover who was the person with whom I was married.”

“Why kill Yrma Lydya?”

“My lawyers do not allow me to touch the subject, It is part of an investigation and my defense.”

Why Benjamin? Nyour bodyguard, is he under arrest?—

“He is a good element that should not be here, they brought him in for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe they wanted guilty.”

“Is it true that you tried to run away?”

“No, I was confused and shocked, I never ran away, that is confirmed in the videos. Mario, be patient as I am needing it”.

—You are a strategic man in current negotiations, are there interests of third parties wanting to take advantage of the circumstances?—

“Many people think that when you are in prison it is worse than death, you feel frustrated at not being able to go about your daily life and nobody does what should be done, they abuse you. Maybe there are partners who want to keep my businessthe clients who owe me don’t pay me, as you say, they think I’m dead, but I’m not.

—Do you think that people can consider that because of your infidelities and betrayals you had enough reasons to kill your wife?—

“Never kill. Do you really think that I deliberately and consciously spoiled my world and my career for a woman?only as they say, that I was drugged or bewitched.

—What are you left with?—

“The media continues to make Yrma appear as a victim and in reality she was not, consciously or unconsciously, as an instrument or as an accomplice, she threatened me, attacked me, defrauded me, deceived me, exploited me, stole and used her actions and my declining age, d

It stabilized my mind and my life.”