I do not recommend my friends to buy an Acer laptop for these reasons

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The Acer brand sells very well, since, with the same configuration, they can be up to 50-200 euros cheaper than other brands. You may think that the price margin is due to the fact that, since they sell a lot, they buy in large volume and have lower prices. Although the reality is quite different.

They are very sold, but is Acer a good brand of laptops?

For years I have had the Possibility to test many Acer laptops. Many friends have bought or had bought laptops from this brand in the past because of their affordable prices. Some, I have had the possibility to disassemble to see them, since I had a rather unpleasant experience with them.

Many years ago I worked in a computer store and coincidentally, soon after I arrived, many Acer laptops began to enter. They all came for the same user complaint: they were a few months old and they got so hot they had to stop wearing them. Indeed, after using it for browsing and the like, you had to move your wrists away from the laptop because you would get burned.

Indeed, we are talking about a consignment and some very specific models from almost two decades ago. Although it was a long time ago, the Acer laptops continue to have temperature problems. Laptop heat sinks are not as good as other brands. But, as if this were not enough, the thermal paste they use is of very low quality. Replacing it with an Arctic MX or a Noctua can mean a reduction of several degrees.

It is not the only flaw for me that these laptops have. I have seen many laptops damaged in its structure by using poorer quality plastic than other manufacturers. We are not talking about big blows, but the typical silly blow that you can give it by taking it out of the backpack.

Another aspect that is usually worse than that of other manufacturers is the screen. They usually ride pretty basic screens in most cases they leave a lot to be desired. Typically, they have low color coverage, something that makes colors look dull.

acer predator gaming laptop

What brand should I buy?

Ok, I understand that Acer is a budget brand compared to other manufacturers. Saving 50 euros, if we have a tight budget, is a lot. It is not that this brand should be burned, but for me there are better brands on the market. What’s more, the price difference over the years and the appearance of certain brands has been greatly reduced.

Personally, I’ve had a Lenovo laptop for years and have never had the slightest problem. Ok, this was limited in RAM and storage (used an HDD) but with an upgrade, it’s a great laptop that I’m still using.

Brands like ASUS, Samsung or LG are other excellent brands with a huge catalog of products. We can find the solution that interests us the most and fits our budget. What’s more, my current laptop is an ASUS TUF which is amazing and has brutal performance.

I consider that Acer is very weak in laptops and one of the worst cooling currently offered. It has remained stagnant at certain points seeking to simply offer a cheap product.

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