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How to train your dog to help you with daily tasks
How to train your dog to help you with daily tasks? Photo: Getty Images

Training your dog to help you with your daily tasks will take time. To create a normal routine, it will take you between 10 and 20 minutes a day, but if your faithful friend has a high capacity for concentration and motivation, it is recommended that you dedicate between 20 and 25 minutes.

What daily tasks can you teach him?

  • give the paw. It is used to check its extremities for foreign objects
  • Jerk. It will help you dry it when you bathe it
  • To pick up toys. When the fun is over, have him put them away in a box.
  • find keys. It will be very useful if you teach him to find them
  • Turn off the light. They can help you hit the switch
  • Throw trash. With constancy they assimilate to put her in her place
  • Close the door. For your safety and that of yours
  • Put dirty clothes in the washing machine. Similar to putting your toys in the box
  • load objects. On walks they can carry small objects
  • bring the remote. teach him to do it for you

How to train your dog to help you with daily tasks?

Training a puppy is not the same as training an adult and according to specialists, there are several types of teaching, but you must take into account certain factors for the training to be successful, without forgetting that each dog has a different personality and others will learn faster.

The ideal is to teach your dog with positive stimuli, without using punishment, scolding or yelling. You have to be very calm, patient and perseverance. To get motivated, use prizes such as cookies, pieces of meat or simple caresses and massages so that he associates your advance as a reward. Don’t overindulge in food, as this can affect your calorie intake.

What tools do you need?

To train your dog in order to help you in your daily tasks, you must use a “marker”that is to say, a word which you will say it at the exact moment when your dog is doing the behavior or movement you seek. For example: “fine”. Also, have the right tools on hand such as:

  • wide and soft collar
  • adjustable harness
  • 2 meter leash for walks
  • 5 meter leash for exploring

Now yes, start practicing with him with the “marker” that can be “all right”. “Brand” and give a prize to your dog if you do it right. You should repeat each exercise 6 to 10 times very quickly and remember, no punishmentsonly positive stimuli. Practice in a place at a time where your faithful friend focuses only on you. we leave you a guide for you to review carefully.

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