How to share data from your mobile as if it were a router

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We show you all the steps so that your mobile becomes a router and you can share the Internet with other devices.

Whoever has a mobile phone with Internet access has a small router in his pocket. Thanks to the function share datayou can create a Wi-Fi zone to provide a network connection to any other device, be it a mobile or a computer. Do you already know how to make your mobile become a router? Read on to find out.

How to share data from your mobile as if it were a router

Sharing the Internet with your mobile will help you to have a connection on any other device, such as your laptop

In the following sections we will show you what steps you must take to make your phone act as if it were a router. In this way, the only thing you need is to have coverage for being able to navigate from a laptopa desktop PC or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.

How does data sharing work on Android and iOS?

How to share data from your mobile as if it were a router

Sharing the Internet with your mobile will help you to have a connection on any other device, such as your laptop

The tool for share data on Android or iOS It is very similar to the way a router works. After its correct configuration, the mobile enables a Wi-Fi network to which one or more can be connected. How could it be otherwise, these must be compatible with wireless networksor what is the same, have the corresponding adapter.

The mobile uses Mobile data, that is, the 4G or 5G connection to provide Internet access via Wi-Fi to the rest of the connected devices. In short, it fulfills the same objectives as a router, but with certain differences:

  • Speed ​​is subject to coverage. While the routers connect to the fiber optic network to provide the Internet, the mobile does so thanks to the data signal. If coverage is poor, network speed will be poor as well. Even when connected devices have a good wifi signal to be near the mobile.
  • It depends on your mobile rate. The data consumption you make from your computer or tablet during Internet sharing will be reflected in your rate. Imagine that you have contracted 20 GB of data with your operator and with your computer you download files with a total step of 25 GB. In that case, you will have exhausted the contracted mobile data quota and the appropriate restrictions will apply.
How to share data from your mobile as if it were a router

Watch out for battery drain. Sharing data will significantly reduce the autonomy of the mobile device

  • Your device’s battery will drain faster. Sharing data with other devices reduces the autonomy of the mobile phone that acts as a router. It’s best to keep it plugged in while you’re at it. It is also normal for it to heat up more than necessary.
  • Your mobile will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network. Because it uses the Wi-Fi adapter to broadcast the signal, the phone cannot be connected to a Wi-Fi network while sharing data. If you have a nearby wireless network, it is best to connect directly with your laptop or tablet to it.

With the appropriate clarifications put on the table, it’s time to learn what you should do to share data with your phone on Android and iOS.

How to share data with other devices from your mobile

Read on to discover how to share data with other devices from your mobile, whether you have a mobile Android as if your phone is a iPhone.

on Android

How to share data from your mobile as if it were a router

Android allows you to start a Wi-Fi network to provide connectivity to other devices

If your device is Android, review these instructions to enable data sharing:

  1. Go into system preferences.
  2. press on Network and Internet.
  3. Click on Share internet.
  4. Activate the function from here and configure the connection parameters.
  5. Now, the Wi-Fi network broadcast by your terminal is visible to other devices.

Android supports data sharing via USB and Bluetooth.

on iOS

How to share data from your mobile as if it were a router

The iPhone has a similar option called Personal Hotspot

On the iPhone, the steps you need to follow are these:

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Accede to personal hotspot.
  3. tap on Allow others to connect to turn on the wifi point.
  4. In the section WiFi passwordmodify the key so that other devices can connect.
  5. By doing this, your iPhone’s Wi-Fi network is visible to other devices.
  6. Return to this section of the settings each time you want to connect a device. iPhone only supports new connections if you’ve entered this section of preferences.

With iOS you can also share data via Bluetooth and wired.

Sharing data: other frequently asked questions

It is possible that you still have some doubt to solve after the analysis. Let’s see the answers to frequently asked questions that users ask.

Why does my mobile not connect to Wi-Fi?

If you have problems connecting to a wifi network, there may be a hardware problem. Thus, it is usual that you are not able to share the Internet either. Take a look at our guide on solutions if your mobile does not connect to wifi.

Is it better to share data or connect to Wi-Fi?

Sharing data should be a one-time solution for when you don’t have a Wi-Fi network nearby. In case there is Wi-Fi wireless coverage, the ideal is that you connect all your devices to it, instead of sharing data from the mobile. Here we review the Advantages of connecting your phone to a Wi-Fi network.

Internet sharing is free?

Remember that the connection is shared and, therefore, what you do from other devices while sharing data influences your rate. That said, you should know that there is no surcharge for sharing internet from your phone, since it is a function of the operating system and not one provided by the operator. Remember there are some apps to have free internet on mobile.

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